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Kiedy będzie się można uczyć tureckiego na wersji angielskiej.

Było napisane, że kurs będzie dostępny dzisiaj, wchodzę, a tu data zmieniona i pisze, że już od wczoraj. Jest 100 procent, a języka nadal nie ma.

March 1, 2015

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Cytując AlexinTurkey:

This being said, we still have a lot of work to do. We need to add finish editing the tree (I have almost finished editing the English, but we still have to edit the Turkish), test the course, listen to all of the audio files, and write grammar explanations. The developers also will need to sort out some bugs in the course itself, which is entirely out of our control. Both of us will still need some time before we can release the course. Please be patient during this process. We are not going to release the course until both us and the Duolingo staff feel it is ready. This means, like I said last week, "Please oh please do not write on mine or Selcen's wall asking for the date. We do not know!"


Więc pewnie wypuszczą ten kurs, gdzieś w tym miesiącu.

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