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"No verão fica mais fácil de conseguir emprego."

Translation:In the summer it is easier to get a job.

August 21, 2013



It sounds more natural in English when you have "in the summer" at the end of the sentence. But if you want to emphasize "the summer" you can place it at the beginning.


My girlfriend, who is fluent in Portuguese, and I are debating whether or not I should have gotten this wrong. My answer was "It is easier to get a job in the summer." She is siding with Duolingo.


That should be accepted indeed!


Is it possible to interpret "fica" here in the sense of "become"; i.e., "it's getting (becoming) easier to find a job"?


Yes, it can also be understood this way.


Why no um before emprego?


Just report. Thay should be right too!


When I looked up fica in the dictionary all it says is cool it! Is it the most common way to say "it is"?


I am not understanding the use of fica here, either. I was thinking obter as the verb.


What I have learned is that "fica" is used when talking about dates and time. Hope this helps! :)


Any examples? Ficar can mean become and I think that's how it's used in this case.


Well I'm still learning but, e.g. Onde fica voce?-Where are you?


In the summer correct?


Any subtle differences between conseguir and pegar?


Why easier and not easy?


mais facil = more easy which is expressed as easier. Something that is easier is not necessarily easy. Two things can both be difficult, but one will be harder, and one will be easier (or they can be equally difficult).


Do you need the "de" here or does "no verão fica mais fácil conseguir emprego" make sense too?


Yes, it is also right.


I used '..it is more easy to get a job'. Duolingo did not approve.


typically in English we say it is "easier" instead of "more easy"


"Fácil" sounds like they're saying "fácio". Is that normal?


Yes. The letter "l" at the end of vowels sounds like /u/ in Portuguese


Thank you. I noticed the same thing with "dificil".


To get employment - why is that wrong?


Is it really wrong to say "In the summer it is easier to obtain a job"?


No, it is not wrong to say that.


However, there are only so many possible correct answers the people who input the exercises can think of, and even though it is computers that run the exercises we do, it does require humans to direct them and make changes. This becomes an issue because most of the language trees on Duo are run by volunteers in their spare time (which we do not always have) as that is part of what keeps it free (no cost).

But please do report this next time so it can be added (at some future date) for others who come after us. :)


Thank you for your feedback. I am pretty sure that I reported this since I assumed that my proposed translation should also be included. Yes, we are all part of the team in that sense that we have to assist Duolingo to improve their courses. As you said, these free lessons are free because some tireless volunteers are investing their own free time to make them better or to create them in first place. It is important for us to stay engaged with positive feedback, even though some of the units in some of the languages are riddled with problems. It is pointless to swear or to deride the errors. If we really know so much better than others, why don't we offer our help with feedback or possibly as volunteers ourselves.


Why not employment instead of job?


In summer it is very easy to get work. Why is this wrong


mais fácil = easier, very easy = muito fácil

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