"Ondskaben er i os alle."

Translation:The malice is in all of us.

March 1, 2015

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Okay is it just me or does anyone else know what they are talking about the "The malice"???


The sentence is meant to teach the word 'ondskab(en) = '(the) malice'. 'Evil' is also an accepted translation and would probably fit better.


I'm guessing ondskaben, like malice, is more suitable for describing a mental state, while onde, like evil, is basically something supernatural, or almost supernatural. Is this right?


"ondskab" means "evil"


The origin of the word is from these two words. 1. ond =evil/(pain) and 2. skaber = to create.(make). Ondskab would loosely translate to the propensity to do evil or the capacity for evil. This word ranks close to 'angst' and 'torschlusspanik' for pure beauty.


ond means evil but only in its verb form, putting -skab at the end just turns it into a noun. It doesn't have anything to do with the word 'skabe=to create' even though they're similar


Of course it has something to do with "at skabe = to create" (German "schaffen", Old English "scieppan"). Like all nouns ending in "-skab" (English "-ship" or "-scape", German "-schaft", Dutch "-schap"), the respective noun aims to express that this very word is created by the word before the "-skab" part (sorry if I did not express this well, I'm not an English native).

landscape (is created by land)

friendship (is created by friends)

German examples:

Mannschaft ("manship") is created by men (English "team")

Wissenschaft ("wisdomship") is created by wisdom (English "science")


Why shouldn't they?


Evil is definitely the right word. In general many of the excercises have some rather questionable English. The Danish is good though as far as I can tell.


So what the meaning of "Malice" in english? (Sorry but im not native..and its bit hard to study language with your second language)


Hatefulness, meanness, cruelty; wanting bad things to happen to other people. "Malice" is a direct opposite of "benevolence", the virtue of wishing other people well.


Godt og ondt eksisterer kun i øjnene af vagteren.


there are a few options of translation here - if you ask me. The evil is in us all. The evil is in all of us. I wish Duolingo had a little more wiggle room


Should it just be 'evil'? Malice is such an unnatural choice in this context


Jeg er uenig med dig! Noget vrøvl


Actually it's not true. Almost all the people in the world are good. The psychopaths (people that lack empathy, and therefore are truly evil) are a minute minority, well below 1%.


I like the sudden shift in tone.


Having spoken English for 72 of my 75 years I would never say " the malice" in the above context.It would not even be an option.


In English you would never sat "the" malice in this context.


this is not gloomy at all


A helpful reminder. And especially it's in those who deny it.


why is ''everybody'' judged as wrong while that is a hint in the helper , while ''all of us'' is not mentioned at all


"the malice". NO!

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