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Cheating in DuoLingo


Is there any way to prevent my students from getting 400+XP Points in the "Test" function? They are cheating by skipping all the 10XP point lessons, and just Googling their way through a few tests. Any thoughts?


Mrs. Z

March 1, 2015



Maybe give them a written test that includes the things that they should've learned in the tree. Make this test a high percentage of their final grade.

OR Don't use Duolingo for grades. But they would still do Duolingo. Duolingo would be their "studying tool" Make their grades based off of written worksheets (The questions should be based on the questions on Duolingo, only that they have to write it so cheating isn't possible) that they have weekly.


I don't think so. DuoLingo works as long as you're willing to learn. I don't understand why anyone would want to not learn a new language.


I just moved my post to the other discussion that matches in the Educator forum.

The Troubleshooting forum is for reporting technical glitches with the website. I recommend deleting this double post. We don't want to create a bottleneck. :)


I would suggest making Duolingo usage only a very small part of their grade, so that cheating doesn't pay off.


If you haven't already, I encourage you to make a new post saying as much on the Educator forum. It seems obvious, but everyone is running around trying to figure out what to do, so maybe they haven't thought of that yet. (Not saying that to be insulting. I'm an educator myself.)


I once gave them a written test that was literally taken from one of the skills, and told them well in advance how to prepare for it (I recommended doing normal strengthening then timed practice until they could get scores of 15-20 XP). Still, very few students did well on the test.

Now that DL is a more accepted part of my curriculum, perhaps they would do better. But on the other hand, I am also finding some students who learn different ways to cheat. I posted it in the educator's forum an hour ago if you are interested.


Cheating has become the norm. I was in a battle with someone on the Leader Boards who achieved points not possible in the time frame available. They should be called out and penalized by Duo.

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