Two bug reports

Dear staff,

Thank you very much for your work on Duolingo. The service is invaluable, extremely well designed and inspiring!

Please excuse me for using this forum as the channel to report bugs but sadly I could not find a more appropriate one. Perhaps it's something worth considering for the team?

First, the Settings page. I had wanted to modify one setting and I did but then navigated away from the page without saving the changes. Normally, this sort of a thing would be prevented with a onbeforeunload handler that prompts the user to save the changes.

Second, the actual language exercises. It'd be great if the choose-from-three exercises were well-behaved with regards to key navigation. I always find myself going through exercises without ever using my trackpad until I run into one of those. It'd be great if you could use the Tab character and Space to, respectively, flip through the choices and to select one.

Thanks very much!

Kind regards,


March 1, 2015


Do you mean these exercises are the ones with with you need to use your trackpad? If so, just press the corresponding numbers for the answers you want, and to deselect the answer, press the number again. :)

Oh goodness! This is great, thanks. :)

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