"Skildpadderne og bjørnene spiser jordbæret."

Translation:The turtles and the bears eat the strawberry.

March 2, 2015

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A whole strawberry? Isn't that a bit much for them?


I'm still confused with the plural forms singular vs. plural...


Jordbæret = the strawberry

I think the definite-plural form would be: "Jordbærerne", - the strawberries

Where the "er" denotes the plural and the "ne" makes it the definite article.


"Jordbærrene" is the correct spelling...


lol im danish and i fail this cuz i cant remember how to spell it xD


Could someone please tell me the correct form: is it "jordbæret" or "jordbærret"? I think there was also the second one in one task, as an alternative. Somehow mein Bauchgefühl says that it's not...


It's jordbærret with a double r


i had the same question. what is the correct answer ?


Jordbæret for the strawberry


Jordbæret is wrong... The right spelling is jordbærret!!!


In english we'd just say "The turtles and bears" instead of "The turtles and the bears", is it the same in danish?


Random sentence I thought it was 'the turtles and the children eat the strawberry' I mean how big is this berry anyway?


Must be one heckuva strawberry!


Really? They all eat just one strawberry? How about "jordbærene"?


That is certainly a big butt but one strawberry butt but still a strawberry about the size of england I mean a relatively small island for both polar bears and turtles that manage to get to have a teeny weeny little titbit goodness gracious me I so wish I could be witness to that there spectacle but I suupose fantasizing fabricating and prevaricating goes hand in hand with learning languages and I hope that the turtles and bears have a little dab of ice-cream to go with the strawberrty and that they have a good sense of camadarerie and everyone of them are holding hands whilst each is given his fair share yes indeed (:- in a perfect world ! In the spanish lessons duo eats turtle , in the danish he/ she hand out a strawberry ? Or maybe for arguments sake even 2 and the world goes round


Yaz, to be a really picky Brit pedant, it should be "...everyone of them IS holding hands..." (I am saying that with my stiff upper lip :)) Thanks for the laugh. Makes a nice change not to have to bother with all the dots & tadpoles stuff in text!


one massive strawberry


There are so many bad pronunciations in this session that needs to be corrected. Do it, DUO, please


They can't all be eating ONE strawberry.


For that you can have a lingot from me in fact rongablue take 2


Stupid. I knew it was singular but it was so illogical that I used the plural. Come on Duolingo! Let's get a little more professional.

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