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"I look through the colorful window in the bathroom."

Translation:Jeg kigger gennem det farverige vindue i badeværelset.

March 2, 2015



Shouldn't it be "på badeværelset" for "in the bathroom"? Or do I remember wrong, that you have to use på before the word værelse?


Pure conjecture here (partially to motivate a correct answer to swoop in) but as I recall all the things that were "på badeværelset" or "på slottet" were humans/people. In this case it is a feature of the room, an object, so maybe that is the qualifying difference that means in this case we use "i".

edit: I found the translation in Determiners to "He has few books in his room" as "Han har få bøger på sit værelse." This seems to contradict what I suggested. So, I don't know!


I asked the same question to a Danish friend, and he said that the correct way would be "på badeværelset".


Takk! So does this mean that the above sentence should be reported as having an error?


I have the same question!


I'm also extremely puzzled and confused by this.


Both are correct. it depends from where you are standing and looking, if you look from the living room or from the bathroom.

in the sentence above it is impossible to guess, so both are right. The person who wrote the sentence obviously knows the layout he describes, then I suppose he used "i" intentionally and it is not a mistake


Hej! I had a question, because vindue is a -et word (fælleskøn ord) does the adjective not have to match it? Is det farverigt vindue acceptable or is Danish not like that?


When an adjective is between the definite article and the noun, regardless of gender or number, the "-e form" is used. For example:

En sort kat = A black cat
Den sorte kat = The black cat


This makes it a lot easier, thanks a bunch.


Something else I'm wondering about this sentence now: why "gennem" in this particular case, and not "ad"?

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