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Expansion of the Skill Trees

I am getting pretty close to the end of the skill tree and really don't want it to end, haha. I am afraid that I will be much less motivated once I run out of fresh new lessons. There are many skills that could have a part two. Animals and food are good examples. Tell me what you think.

August 22, 2013



Rather than extending the skill tree, perhaps, it would be more practical to have optional modules available to those who have completed the skill tree. The reason I suggest this is that, after the basic common vocabulary and mechanics of the skill tree, peoples' needs and interests quickly diverge.

Finer points of grammar, such as French's "Literary Tenses", would be of limited use to most. The vocabulary associated with certain professions or academic disciplines would be tremendously useful to small niches. Intensive focuses on how to discuss finances, medical issues or other situational needs are best learned as such situations arise.

The way I imagine this is that, under the completion trophy, there would be room for free floating module boxes which can be brought in from a searchable data base. There could also, eventually, be mechanisms for users to submit specialized modules for inclusion.


I wouldn't expect Duolingo to expand the trees that dramatically. I think the point is after one completes the tree, they move on to almost entirely working in the "immersion" section, while periodically strengthening their completed tree.

This makes sense from a business perspective for them (they make money by us translating the web). It also though makes sense from a learning perspective. To move on to fluency, one has to engage with lots of authentic content, not simply more practice sentences. Plus authentic content is more interesting!


Well, I think this is a good idea.I think some learners would get a bit mad becuase some people really want to finish their tree.Since people would get mad I would do this by.Asking learners when they finish their tree .If they want an expansion of their tree if they want an expansion they would have it :) The other thing is it might be hard to choose more skills do you have any skill ideas in mind?


I think that is also a good idea, maybe you could get a silver trophy when you finish the tree then you can move to a new (smaller?) tree, where you can get the gold one.. But like I said, many things could easily have more parts added. Like Verbs: Present, Verbs: Past, Verbs: Future and many others.


Once they have the option for users to add languages, they'll probably be able to add to current languages also. Then all the trees would get much larger.


Hopefully! I would love that.


I think expanding them would be great! Maybe have a beginner tree then a level 2 tree or a level 3 tree? Or a basic tree and then new ones for different areas? Travel, geography and places, or words used in the sciences?

I honestly think Duolingo should be aiming to get closer and closer to fluency. I feel good about my language learning, but I probably have the same vocabulary size as a 18 to 24 month old child.


Those trees would be way too small. You're talking about a tree for each skill.


Only level 12 and you're almost done with your tree. I must say that is pretty impressive. I am moving at a much slower pace trying to understand things very well before I move forward. I can't do fast pace learning I get too overwhelmed but I hope to be done with my tree before the end of October.


Thanks I have a visual memory and it's quite easy for me to remember the words. But I think the main reason is just that I love Spanish so much... I had stopped using Duolingo for quite a while, and then out of no where someone asked my family if we would be ok with having a 16-year-old boy (I'm 15) stay at our house for three weeks. We decided to do it and I haven't missed a day of duolingo since I started up again during those three weeks. I am really hoping to go to Spain next summer and stay with him!

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