"Løber du væk?"

Translation:Are you running away?

March 2, 2015



Can this also be used metaphorically, eg running away from a problem?

March 2, 2015


Hmmm... Well technically you can, but it's not a standard metaphor, so people will not think that you mean "running away from problems"

March 2, 2015


So does this mean more in the sense of running away from place to place? Rather than say, eloping with a lover or running away from a problem?

April 17, 2015


Yes, running away from something literally

April 20, 2015


What about are you walking off? I thought of someone leaving while the other's still taking "Are you walking off on me right now??"

November 22, 2015


All around me are familiar faces......

June 27, 2017


can't it be future "will you run away?"

July 28, 2016


No, not really, since it says "Løber" which is directly "Running" and that means that he is running right now. if it was "Will you run away" then It should have been "Vil du løbe væk"

August 5, 2016


I notice that - if I'm hearing it correctly - væk is pronounced V, not W. Is there a rule for that?

June 18, 2017


Why would it be pronounced W? Danish V is never pronounced W, is it? For me, incidentally, the interesting thing about "væk" (which I couldn't really guess the meaning of the first time I saw it written down) is that it sounds almost exactly the same as the German "weg" (with the same meaning) -- so that hearing it I had no problem understanding what it meant! I'm guessing that German "Geh weg!" would be "Gå væk!" in Danish. :)

April 25, 2018
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