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German tv series/films

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has come across a website the provides German tv series/films with English and German subtitles?

Thank you

August 22, 2013



I can wholeheartedly recommend Star Trek TNG/Voyager/DS9. These series are all professionally dubbed; they are actually a get-together of almost all the top notch German speaking dubbing actors of the 90s, many of whom you will recognize in other German productions.

Crystal clear voices, a very small amount of colloquial idioms and the character of Star Trek has it that everything can be translated on a one to one basis, because there are generally no puns nor is there much idiomatic wittiness of any kind going on. Thus, you don't miss out on anything from the original version. Makes it very easy for language learners and can provide a stepping stone for more non-artificial material.

At least, that'd be my way of choice to get accustomed to the natural flow of the language. And above all, watching Star Trek is never a waste of time :)

The usual suspects when it comes to German streaming sites are currently kinox.to and movie4k.to


I watched some of the german dub of TNG on Youtube and my first impression is that it does seem like a very good dub that is faithful to the original actors. However, Wesley Crusher sounds like he's inhaled helium.

Here's a Youtube video with the same clip in english, french, german, spanish and italian: http://youtu.be/CM5zmQTM1sk

The beginning of the german clip: http://youtu.be/CM5zmQTM1sk?t=3m14s

Wesley Crusher in german: http://youtu.be/CM5zmQTM1sk?t=3m54s


I'll give you that. His voice actor portrays some angsty animated anti-heros nowadays. From what I read just now, even the new Bugs Bunny.

The German Picard makes up for him, though. "Machen Sie es so!"


The German channel Das Erste has online streaming.


You can watch the crime series Tatort on Das Erste. I suspect that it's only available after 20:00 german time but there's probably a long window of time to watch it, so that might even be an advantage to American viewers.

There's a new 90 min episode every week. Different regions of Germany produces their own episodes and there's also an austrian and a swiss production, different police inspectors in each region.

Geman subtitles are available (almost always).



http://www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek/hauptnavigation/startseite you will probably like the shows from ZDF neo. Type in the search bar "Untertitel" for German subtitles.


This belongs in the German section.


I've found searching for "German dub" on youtube works. It'll only get you ones that were originally in other languages, but when you've already watched it in your own language it can really help with comprehension.


Thank you so much :)

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