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'Bocht' as an exclamation?

So I was listening to Raidió na Gaeilge this morning and they played a humorous song by Na Shandies: 'Mo Choconut'. Throughout the song the singer kept exclaiming 'bocht!' as he lamented his various coconut related maladies.

Now I know 'bocht' means 'poor' but I've not heard it as an exclamation before. Is it very common? Is it dialectical? I assume the meaning is something along the lines of 'how awful!', would that be correct?

I was going to link the song here, but surprisingly it doesn't seem to have made its way on to youtube. Má éisteann sibh leis an gclár Nead na Fuiseoige ar an RnG Radio Player inniú, closfaidh sibh é.

March 2, 2015



We use that at home to mean bad, as in 'that's pretty bad/awful/poor show'


It's not likely that many people will come across this comment, but there is a copy of Mo Choconut on YouTube now.


Bocht can be a noun meaning “poor person” — perhaps that was the intention of the exclamation.


Ah, I thought that might be it. Go raibh maith agaibh as bhur bhfreagracha. :)

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