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Tips on learning


Recently I've started to help a friend learn Portuguese in return for French. None of us are real teachers nor we have any experience in this field.

I would like to ask the teachers on Duolingo for some tips, or ideas on how we can get the maximum from our conversations. We speak daily on Skype.

What would you recommend?

Thank you in advance.

March 2, 2015



I am not a teacher, but I can advise you to use new words you have learned in the conversation. The more you use them the better. Every time you learn new words use them. Repetition is the key.


Ok, do you have any other ideas ?

For example i remember doing this in primary school, reading a text and then the teacher correcting you, your pronunciation etc.

Do you know anymore things like that?


Just read more and learn new words from the context/ Try to memorize word expressions instead of separate words. If you can imagine what you are reading about in your mind, do it. For example, it is easier to remember "un vestito rosso" (a red dress in Italian) than 2 separate words rosso and vestito. You can easily imagine a red dress in your mind while reading or repeating it.

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