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"Hun vil aldrig nogensinde høre til her!"

Translation:She will never ever belong here!

March 2, 2015



Doesn't "vil" also mean "want"? I wrote "She never ever wants to belong here." It was marked wrong.


Is this literally translating to "never ever" or does "aldrig nogenside" paired in such a way that it means a different, stronger word that doesn't have a direct equivalent? (Hard to explain what I mean but basically I'm asking if it is a special case or a direct translation... thanks!)


Is aldrig nogensinde used often? Because it doesn't sound logical. The only reason people say never ever is because it rhymes, I thought.


Yes, it is used for emphasis, and is quite common to hear.


That said, the popular drinking game is just called "Jeg har aldrig" instead of "Never have I ever"


^ a qualified and important exception.

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