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Module completion

Why am I getting the completion Trophee at level 11 without even completing level 12 when other people make up to level 15 or 17, that happened to me in French and In Spanish?

August 22, 2013



There is nothing wrong. You just completed the tree quickly.

One thing to keep in mind is that Duolingo is constantly improving the trees, making them more efficient for learning. So, you probably were using a more efficient tree and thereby, finished it quicker than others.

Levels have nothing to do with whether you have finished a tree or not. Levels relate to how much time and effort you have put into studying the language.


I guess, you are right. That seems a logical explanation, otherwise ithere is a problem with the Tree, thx


It depends some people finish the tree at level 25 some at 15 16 and so on .I think it dosen't really matter which level you completed the tree on.Do you translate articles if you don't they give you points that might be what went wrong.If you diden't try it or refresh some previous lessons I hope my answer helps you!


Because you get the completion trophy when you've gotten all the little trophies, but you get points and thus levels by answering questions in tests, while practicing sections and while practicing separate words.

I'd suggest going into your home menu and practicing with the little blue button under the point, word and streak tallies, with the practice button in she skill sections, or going into vocabulary and practicing your weak words.


No sure but I still think there is something wrong with the Tree, it is supposed to be the same for everyone. I took all the shorcuts, answered all the questions and translated as many articles as I could. It keeps telling me I have nothing to practice or to answer, bottom line it shows as finished and that's it

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