"Kon dog."

Translation:The cow died.

March 2, 2015

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Dog is an annoying word -- I was prepared to have 'dog' in my English answer despite subconsciously knowing that dog means died, not dog.


The pronounciation sounds a bit like "Corndog", too. ;)


FYI: The TTS is horrible as of March 2nd, 2015. Should be pronounced similar to English "coon", not English "con". The slower TTS has perfect pronounciation though, dunno what's up with that. :)


… and a link to a native speaker saying it: http://sv.forvo.com/search-sv/kon/ (learners, watch out so you listen to the right one, kön is on the same page but doesn't quite mean the same).


Good to know that 'kön' has two different pronunciations and meanings. When pronounced as 'k' it means the queue or the line (en kö). When pronounced as 'tj' the meaning is gender (ett kön).


Sounds alright to me though... But you're right.


That's odd, it sounds like it's failing to pronounce Japanese for me. Do you know if there are public details on the TTS somewhere?


I've got the new TTS which tells me 'gon dog' in what sounds not Japanese but maybe Chinese or Vietnamese to me… That one is Astrid from http://www.ivona.com/. (and the slow version is good)
The old voice was probably from Google, but we've actually never had that confirmed.


Thank you. I just assumed Duolingo had its own TTS. I don't suppose there's much published on either, then.


I don't think Duo has tried, at least I've never heard about it, and you're probably right, the companies who create the voices won't want to share much info. – The team's favorite voices were from http://www.acapela-group.com/, but Duo has never integrated one of their voices so they said it would be too much extra work for them to do that. They have a lot of voices from Ivona, and I think also some from Linguatec http://www.linguatec.net/products/tts/voice_reader/vrs15demo


Thanks again, much obliged. :)


http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Kon RIP Kon, all the bleach fans will miss you!


Personally I don't know, but other mods should. Perhaps they'll peek in to give you an answer. :)


Cowboy. Cowgirl. Cow dog. What's next?



The voice is not quite perfect on this sentence, as of April 14th, 2018, so I've taken the liberty of re-recording it.

kon should be pronounced similar to the English "coon", not the English "con".

Please find a correct recording on http://duolingo.vydea.io/02dae4d553074ed0aae7a7f72a5d9d35.mp3

For more info on re-recordings, please check the info thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23723515

Thanks for listening. Ha en bra dag! :)

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