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Listing of "my" discussions


is there a way to have access to (to have an interactive list of) :

  • all the discussions in which I have written
  • all the discussions that I follow

It will be useful to easily switch a following one to "don't follow"; to find a comment that I made which need to be corrected/clarified...

August 22, 2013



Well, sorry for the duplicate question/idea :

In my defence, I just discover that you can use quotation marks and "AND" (and also "OR" but useless) in the searching bar in the discussions' pages to make a more accurate search.


That would definitely be helpful and encourage people to take part in discussions.


I think the only way is to either search for them in your stream, or click the link in your little notifications list if someone has commented on it. the one up top with the Bell.


Well some of them are far far down in the stream and so it need some time to scroll and load down to the bottom all the list. And sometimes I looking for a discussion where I explained something and I want to give a link there in another discussion for example. Of course I can also search directly in my e-mail notifications...

So I would find really convenient to have this feature direct in Duolingo.


I agree that it would be a good feature to have.

In the meantime however, I would suggest using bookmarks in your browser to keep track of the discussions you are interested in.

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