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Posting a Symbol

I would like to post a symbol like most duolingo users, but I don't know how it's done. Can someone please tell me how to do this?

March 2, 2015



Do you mean a profile picture? If so, go to your settings and add a file with the picture from your computer.


Thanks for responding, but I have already tried going to settings but can't get any profile pictures. BTW I use an HP desktop.


It's not useful to tell people who the assembler of your computer is. The useful stuff is the web browser you're using and sometimes the OS you're running.

Did you remember to hit 'Save changes' after uploading your image?


Thanks for your response. The point is I cannot get any images. Why would you question my mentioning the type device I use? It is just a possibility that others are encountering the same situation using a like device, in which case knowledge of said device would be of help.

  • For uploading profile picture, you need a picture of jgp or png format (png is better).
  • Make sure the size of the picture is less than 1 MB.
  • Select the picture in the settings page https://www.duolingo.com/settings/account by clicking Choose file.
  • Save the changes by clicking on Save changes

You should have a new profile picture :)


I'm still not quite sure what you mean by "cannot get any images"... So if you go to the litte down arrow by your name then click 'Settings', then go to near the bottom to the entry 'Profile Picture', hit 'Choose File', select the file you want, then go back up to the top and hit 'Save changes' nothing happens?

Why would you question my mentioning the type device I use?

Because... well it's not impossible that may be the problem but it's a long way down the list of probable causes. The reason OSes were invented was to provide a consistent interface to hardware. Plus even if it were a hardware problem people like me would still need to know which OS you are using to help you in diagnosing your problem (in order to be able to tell you where to look for error message and that sort of thing). So yeah, like I said the people who put your computer together is not really the information you should be starting with.

For example, when I made a similar post regarding audio issues, that I'm still having with a language, I included that my browser is Xombrero and that I use the XFCE desktop in Debian GNU/Linux. I don't think I could even tell you where my computer came from. :P

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