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Does Duolingo offer certification

Hello, I'm studying Journalism and am wondering if I could receive a certificate from my Duolingo course, including the hours I partook to master a language (futurely of course, I'm still level 8)

March 2, 2015



You can take an English certification test here, but I don't think there is a French test.


Hmm... Nice to know about the English test, although I am a native speaker of the language...

I'm asking about certification because I must fulfill 432 hours of complementary activities for university, and Duolingo would suffice for a fraction of the ordeal if it offered a certificate with the number of hours I studied.


If you want to get credit for time spent on the course here, probably you should talk with your university professor/guide and work it out. For the school program, teachers work it out so that students get credit for the progress here. Duolingo, from its side, will not provide any certificate for the time/effort spent on a course by a user.

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