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Repetition in "strengthen skills"


It seems that the same words or sentences come over and over again and mostly not even the ones i have problems with. Also if i can suggest any improvements... i think it would be more efficient (in the strengthen skills-section) that you would be asked to translate from the language that you already speak to language you are learning... 'cause you can understand a language you don't speak but you can't speak a language you don't understand :D (okay you can but what's the use :) ps. sorry if my point seems incoherent, English is not my native tongue :)

March 2, 2015



Also experiencing this in German. I am halfway through the tree and like to do a "strengthen skills" to start off my day as a review before going on to the next lesson.

Almost every day, strengthen skills gives me the same two sentences one after the other until the lesson is over. It's really a waste of time.


This seems to be a rather widespread problem - there have been several forum discussions recently, and I also reported the problem via the feedback/question form about a week ago, but there has been no response to any of it so far :/


Well, I just got 20 consecutive times the same sentence O_o


I completely agree with this repetition thing. Words which are answered incorrectly, should be repeated - as long as you type them correctly. Now I type 3-4 times some words correctly (100% good answers), 2-3 times some words incorrectly (0% good answers) - and lessons is accepted. It should be corrected.


Same discussed here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7020928 but until now without any considerable response.

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