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  5. "Vi pratar om kultur."

"Vi pratar om kultur."

Translation:We talk about culture.

March 2, 2015



Can this also translate to "We speak on culture?" in the sense that English implies "on (the topic of) culture"?


It's pretty much the same sense, yes.


Prater, if i remember correctly, is a derogative argot of to talk in French. I wonder if it might somehow be related to that and to prattle.


It's related to prattle, but I don't know about "prater" (never heard of it).


The English to prate is also derogatory. Just the way languages evolve differently I guess.


Why has chat previously been accepted for pratar, but now it isn't?


This was really funny!

I realized that I would not say we were chatting about culture. Simply because the subject feels so heavy and serious I would rather choose to say we spoke about culture or we talked about culture. And the same goes for Swedish. Vi snackade om kultur sounds wrong in my ears, whereas vi pratade om kultur is a bit better, but I think that I would be most likely to say vi talade om kultur. :D

This might not answer your question, though.


Vi pratar om kultur = We are talking about culture


Yes, that is also accepted.

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