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Breaking news: everyone is getting the new voice

Duo just told us that the new voice, Astrid from Ivona has (predictably, if you ask me) won the A/B test it was in, so everyone will get it. Hooray!

Here's a link to a list of the (few) errors we've found in Astrid's pronunciation.

March 2, 2015



Just heard "de" being pronounced correctly, woo hoo!


I don't like her voice :(


It's a bit of a switch for the ears, but it won't take long until you're used to her. I got over the difference in a few days at the beginning of the a/b test. :)


Me neither. I thought I was the only one. The other voice was much friendlier.



such voise

so audio



I love the new voice, too! I do hear a few differences such as the way the "ä" in "är" sounds and the "ch" in "och" is no longer silent. Except for the errors that you have listed above, can we assume that Astrid's new vowel and consonant sounds are a more accurate pronunciation guide than the previous TTS? If I have some "unlearning" to do, I want to know what to unlearn and what to keep. Maybe I'll finally get a handle on skö, skä, skj..........


I think the vowel sounds were pretty good on the previous one too, and in many cases where they differ, both ways work. It was more that the old voice had some serious pronunciation errors on common words, such as de, kaffet, Kina, kanel, bakom and worst of all, not so common but horribly wrong, racket. The new one usually gets things right.
The one thing that was probably better in the previous one was that it very clearly assimilated r + s over word borders. So that it said Jag har sagt 'I have said' with a sh sound for r + s, which most Swedes actually do all the time. (not all who do will admit to it, but that's another story)


Yey! Jag tycker mer om det här nytt röst :)


jag tycker mer om den här nya rösten* :)


Yeeey! Finally something pleasant to ears :)


Spetacular!!! Tack!! Great voice! Now I'll be able to pronunce more like what she says! Kudos to you all from Brazil!! :D


good lord I thought you guys switched to using pre-recorded audio samples like the Irish. It sounds so good.


That's what I thought too!


That's awesome to hear! I noticed Astrid's voice when I started working on strengthening my Swedish skills I've been meaning to work on for the past few days. Her voice is really pretty! c:


That is good news! And, by the way, Happy Anniversary!


Does nobody else find the new voice harder to understand? For me, I understood quite well the hearing excercises with the old voice, but this one seems to have some risings and lowerings that seem like they don't belong there, and effects like when you combine two audios and link them together, the part where they are linked can easily be identified, because the pace or the volume or something else changes. (Sorry, English isn't my native language and I'm having a hard time explaining this even in Finnish.)


Yay! :) awesome news!


Is Astrid already a voice on one of the DuoLingo language programs? Sorry, I am behind on this topic!
I really like the current voice for German...is that going to stay the same? I hope?


Astrid is the voice for the Swedish course (now for all our students, we were previously in an A/B test). Other courses are not affected by this :)


Ahh, I see! Thank you very much Arnauti. :) Since we are on the topic of voices for the DuoLingo courses, I have noticed some comments about the "hard to understand" voice on the French course, even a remark from a native French speaker...is there a way to know if the DuoLingo staff has any plans to change/improve the voice for the French course? I think all the voices on the lessons I am taking are fine, but I too have had some issues with trying to understand the slurry voice on the French course. Just wondering!


I think that would be discussed in the French forums, and I don't follow them very closely at the moment so I don't know. I know they replaced the English voice very recently, so they keep trying to improve the voices.


Ah, okay, thanks Arnauti. :)


A day away from a year streak! Congratulations!


Wow, I did not even see the 364 number...congrats in advance Arnauti!


Sometimes I wait until late at night to do this, (like now its 11) and I keep losing my streak. What gives?


I think it's based on midnight in a time zone you select on account creation (or maybe you didn't, depending on how you made your account). Your home page should list your hours remaining to preserve your streak, or at least mine does:



Thanks I just noticed the hours, I have till about 10.


Thanks! This voice sounds so much more natural, it's a lot easier to 'repeat after her'!


Hipp, hipp, hurra!


Jag älskar Astrid. Jag tänker på att lämna min fru så jag kan lyssna på dig hela dagen lång!

Tack Duolingo!


I LOVE the new voice!!!!


The new voice is really quiet on my device, and it keeps switching back and forth with the old one. Is anyone else having this problem?


I thought there was a new voice. I like it. A lot.


Yey! Awesome! I just went on there to refresh some memories and then there was this. And I was excited. And it pronounced 'de' correctly. :D


Yay, the Sweds who live in my area may finnaly be able to understand me now :)


Det är rolig, jag hittar den nya röst svårare att förstå än den första röst. Jag tycker att detta är en gut sak, därför att jag kan lär mig till förstå olika röstar!


Hoppas att du snart vänjer dig vid den nya rösten :)! Den är verkligen mycket bättre.

vänja sig vid = get used to

  • Det är roligt/underligt/märkligt, jag finner den nya rösten svårare att förstå än den första. Jag tycker att detta är en bra/god sak, därför att jag kan lära mig att förstå olika röster.


Tack för att fixera mig!


Ingen orsak :)

  • Tack för att du rättar mig!


Ja, ja är inte perfekt. Men svenska, du är! Grattis! :)



*Ja, jag är inte perfekt. Men du är svensk! Grattis!


Okej, håll ut! Jag bara glömde att läga till "g"! Jag vet att det går där!!!!!! Och, kan jag säger jag var pratar om Yoda som en ursäktt för det andra misstag? Okej, gut. Vi kan bara säger jag var vara Yoda.


Du behöver inte be om ursäkt, det är kul att se någon försöka uttrycka sig på språket bortom kursens ramar :)

  • Jag glömde att lägga till "g"! Jag vet att det ska vara där! Och kan jag säga att jag pratar som Yoda som en ursäkt för det andra misstaget? Okej, gott så/bra. Vi kan bara säga att jag är Yoda.

att säga: infinitiv jag/du/han/hon/hen/vi/ni/de säger: presens


Is it more correct?


It is correct in more instances than the old one was, especially in common words. But it has a few issues of its own.


Tack sa mycket, Duolingo. Jag alskar den. :D


The new voice weirded me out a bit, honestly. It was weird because I just finished a lesson with the old one, started a new one the next day with the new voice and I thought wtf O_O However, it does pronounce things more clearly for me.


I prefer the old voice. It sounds like a real person and it enunciates very clearly. I can’t understand half of what the new voice says.


Five years later Astrid has been replaced. I liked her so much. Maybe the new nameless lady will grow on me. But until then: I miss Astrid....


Please bring Astrid's voice back. The new Swedish voice is plain HORRIBLE!


It SUCKS! And the slow choppy speed sounds like a circuit-fried 3CPO. Astrid on paskaa!


Finally a good voice


just wow the swedish voice is awesome :) P.S.: im looking for somebody to chat on swedish ^^

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