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  5. "Aontaím leis an gcomhaontú."

"Aontaím leis an gcomhaontú."

Translation:I agree with the agreement.

March 2, 2015



The first rule of tautology club is the first rule of tautology club.

April 3, 2016


It is probably a more useful statement than, "Is turtair muid!"

March 19, 2015


A better translation might be "I concur with the agreement".

June 1, 2015


Or perhaps "I agree with the accord?"

July 24, 2017


Given the vagueries of transcultural transliteration,maybe "I agree with the agreement" is the most appropriate.

January 20, 2018


Would an Irish person really say this? "I agree with the agreement" sounds like a totally awkward, borderline meaningless statement in English.

March 2, 2015


It probably sounds worse in English because "agree" and "agreement" are just too similar. But, if you think of it as an agreement of some sort made by governments (like a free trade agreement) and that you, as a humble taxpayer, think it's a good one, then I guess you could agree with the agreement. But, I agree that it sounds really awkward.

May 11, 2015


When learning/teaching, you need sometimes to see past the purely utilitarian argument. If anything, this sentence is great to see the connection between that verb and that noun. It really drives home the root they both share.

May 28, 2016


"I agree with the consensus." is my answer and I stand by it because an agreement is a consensus and it avoids an ugly English statement.

Ní aontaím leis an tuairim go bhfuil micheart anseo.

April 7, 2018


I reckon they just went for a pun, like with Hungary is hungry...

April 7, 2018


Not really redundant; I mind getting stuck in a chippie when alot of people didn't agree with the agreement.

January 11, 2017


Does this also mean "I agree to the agreement"?

March 26, 2015


No — that would be Glacaim leis an gcomhaontú. (“Agree to” is closer to “accept” than “agree with” is.)

April 30, 2015


Sounds a bit redundant.

August 31, 2015
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