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  5. "Är du färdig?"

"Är du färdig?"

Translation:Are you ready?

March 2, 2015



Could you also say - Är du redo -


In this case, absolutely.


What are the situations where it requires one or the other? This has confused me for awhile.


Är du redo? is used when you mean 'Are you ready to do this or that?' but if you really mean like finished, you say färdig.


Are there neuter, definite, comparative forms of redo?


No, it only has one form. beredd which also means ready has the usual forms: beredd, berett, beredda.


Tack så mycket :)


For "are you finished?", can we say also "är du klar?"?


It reminds me of the German words bereit and fertig


Are you finished? I don't umderstand this sentence.. and i wrote "did you finish" is that wrong?


The accepted translations right now are Are you finished? Are you ready? Are you done?
Did you finish? would be Blev du klar/färdig?


Wow.. i have a question plz. Is there a verb to finish? And can you conjugate it?

And can we use the past tense of it? For example.. började du?

Google is translating: "gjorde du klart" for "did you finish"


There can be many translations of finish depending on what you finish.
For instance: Did you finish your sandwich? -> Åt du upp smörgåsen?
Did you finish [reading] the book? -> Läste du ut boken?

But this construction, blir färdig/klar, är färdig/klar, blev färdig/klar works for most things. It refers to your getting done with something.
The version gör klart and gjorde klart is used to talk about getting an object finished. It requires an object: Gjorde du klart uppgiften? 'Did you finish the task?'

We also often use other verbs for this: 'Did you finish [writing] the letter?' -> Skrev du klart brevet? and so on.

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