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"Is there a college in the city?"

Translation:Finns det en högskola i staden?

March 2, 2015



Wow, I am first here (never before:) I am already guessing that there is no way to use Swedish 'där' in the translation. I mean if the English version was modified to: Is somewhere there a college in the city? how it could be said in Swedish in a compact manner (so that emphasis is on the location not on the existence).


Podgorsk, your sentence "Is somewhere there a college in the city?" doesn't make sense to me. Probably you mean: Is there a college somewhere in the city? Anyway, if you want to emphasis location and not existence (assuming you already know there is a college in the city), the best way I think to find out the location is to ask WHERE the college is in the city, which I believe is "var är högskolan i staden".

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