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"Rinneadh an fomhuireán in Éirinn."

Translation:The submarine was made in Ireland.

3 years ago



I do believe the submarine was actually invented here. Go Ireland!

3 years ago

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Untrue that it was made here - it was invented by an Irishman, John Philip Holland from Liscannor in county Clare which is near the Cliffs of Moher but he was in the USA at the time.

2 years ago

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It also seems like there are a lot of different vehicles you could call "the first submarine", depending upon what your criterion for a successful submarine is. But Holland/Ó Maolchalann is an important part of that story, having made the first commissioned submarines for both the US and the UK.


2 years ago


An fomhuireá buí? ;)

2 years ago


As well as the Titanic

3 months ago


Is there a connection between the modern 'fomhuireán' and the mythical Fomorians (who were considered a people from under the sea)?

1 week ago


Given that fobhríste is the Irish for "underpants", and muir is one of the words for "sea", the etymology of fomhuireán is fairly straightforward.

It's likely that the "fo" in "fomorians" is the same prefix, but scholars don't think that the second part comes from muir.

1 week ago