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Highlight new comments

Since sentence discussions are getting more and more comments it would be great if new comments were highlighted for some time after posting. (24 h?)

This wouldn't be so helpful in regular discussions since sometimes they have a lot of comments in short period of time.

btw I am aware there are some people that previously suggested this but I just wanted to reignite the topic...

August 22, 2013



But, when there are new comments, the discussion come on the top of the list so you can easily find the ones with new comments.

And for the ones that you follow you'll receive an email.

but yes it could be a little benefit.


I was referring to discussions that already have lots of comments, those are not shown in sentence tab when they get a new comment.

Highlighted comments could be more helpful if those sentences were shown in a separate tab.

For now this could only benefit us in a way that we can find the new comment a bit faster after we get a notification or an email. So, in fact, I agree with you that at the moment there would be little benefit from it.


Well and it seems that I said something wrong (I was confused by the behaviour of the "Popular" section). When someone make a new comment in a discussion, this one doesn't go up at the top of the list : It would be good ! or may be to have the possibility to classify the discussion by:

  • date of original post (the actual classification)
  • date of last post of the discussion (or make a new tab for this, so Popular, New (Original Post), New (Last Post), Top All Time)
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