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I thought: let's do some of the older lessons again, just to see if I still know everything I learned so far.

So I went to the first lesson, basics Spannish 1 - lesson 1. But instead of getting questions from the first lesson, i get questions about everything I learned so far AND I'm getting all kinds of words I didn't even learned yet.

Isn't it possible to just redo the old lessons to see if you've grown and know the stuff already?

(Hope I could explain this well, since English isn't my foreign language).

8/22/2013, 2:52:04 PM

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The Basics 1 and Basics 2 lessons get updated as you complete more lessons. It's usually simple, common words that get added into the lesson; you won't have to do complicated verb translations in Basics 1 and 2.

I think most of the other lessons don't change as you progress. I find it very helpful to redo old lessons often. Good luck!

8/22/2013, 4:46:42 PM

I think your english is perfect

8/22/2013, 3:50:40 PM
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