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Scandinavian Language Discussion

Hi! I recently posted this but I was wondering what the easiest Scandinavian language for an English speaker would be in your opinion. Duolingo offers Swedish and Danish but is in the process of getting Norwegian as well. I'm leaning towards Norwegian because my Aunt is Norwegian. Also, which is the most useful to know seeing as they're all comprehensible to one another? Thanks!

March 3, 2015



Swedes and Danes have more trouble understanding one another than Norwegians have understanding both of them. If you already have oil in your veins you should go for Norwegian of course!


I don't think any one is harder or easier than the other. It all depends which language you have the most desire to learn. For you I'm guessing you'll do best with Norwegian because you have a Norwegian aunt which is a great resource to have - it's a way for you to connect with your aunt and perhaps she'll encourage you along the way. If you don't have any other reason to learn Swedish or Danish sooner, then just stick with Norwegian. Once you're familiar with it the others will come to you easier. Lykke til!


It's very hard to single out one of the major Nordic languages as more or less objectively useful than the others. Swedish has about as many speakers as Danish and Norwegian combined, but if you have relatives in Norway perhaps Norwegian is more useful to you?

Us Swedes have quite a hard time understanding spoken Danish, but Danes understand us Swedes relatively well. Norwegian however, is very easy to us and vice versa. I could easily have (and have had) a conversation with a Norwegian person. Perhaps some word here and there will warrant explanation, but that's it. :)


dalenichols is correct. I've heard that Norwegian to other Scandinavian languages has about 70% mutual inteligibility, whereas Swedish has 40% and Danish even less...EpicAwe sort of touched on that though. But really it is up to you. I have heard that Norwegian will be out around April-ish, so that would give you some time to look into things...Whatever you choose, good luck, have fun! :)

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