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  5. "Pensiamoci ogni sera!"

"Pensiamoci ogni sera!"

Translation:Let's think about each other every evening!

August 22, 2013



I hear one syllabe more, as ognici será.


I hear it too. I hear it as "ognimi"


make sure to report it!


I reported it 21 March 2014: sounds to me like an odd recording splice where the second syllable was repeated.


I'm pretty sure she says "ognuni" instead of "ogni". In this case, I think they mean the same thing, but for the audio exercise, they really ought to match!


Sì, è perfetto!


But "pensiamoci" is still wrong.


That's what I suspect as well. Emphasis seems - to me, might be wrong - completely off


The correct is "pensiAmoci".


I'm italian, the voice said "pensiamoci" in a very bad way.


grazie! stavo pensando lo stesso


infatti, l'accento tonico è orribile da sentire!


Can anyone elaborate on the "moci" ending on certain verbs? Does it mean "____ each other"?, are there certain times you don't use it/ times you must use it?


'ci' is referring to 'us', either the reflexive ('each other'), direct ('us') or indirect ('to us' etc) pronoun. In the imperative, it is attached to the end of the verb, in this case 'pensiamo'. In the indicative it would be 'ci pensiamo' (we think about each other), but in the imperative it is 'pensiamoci!' (let's think about each other).



"Ci" can also be "it" here. I had already lost a heart and didn't mind if I lost another so tried it; it was accepted.


Yup Mukka helped me with this one earlier, thanks for your input.


Makes sense, thanks. There is, however, another correct solution offered "think of it". How does this fit into the description?


Pensiamo has the accent on the "a". It sounds to me that pensiamoci receives the accent on the "o". Am I correct?


DL is wrong! The correct is pensiAmoci.


the correct accent is pensiàmoci not pensiamòci


This word is mispronounced! It should be: "pen-si-'A-mo-ci".


Non è detto che significhi pensare a noi (l'un l'altro), potrebbe anche voler dire: pensiamo ogni sera a tal cosa. Perciò : Let's think every evening about it , dovrebbe considersi corretta.


The verb sounds as though it's pronounced incorrectly, with the accent on the wrong syllable.


The imperative (l'imperativo) is used to give orders, advice, and exhortations.

Examples: Spiegaci!, = Explain to us!, Girati! = Turn around!, Non tormentarmi = Don't torment me!, Sbrigati = Hurry up!, Chiamami! = Call me!, Scrivimi! = Write me!, Sta' zitto! = Shut up!, Lasciami in pace. = Leave me alone., Mettila dietro. (una bici) = Put it in the back. (a bike), Non dirmelo! = Don't tell me!, Non fare l'innocente. = Don't play innocent., Divertiti! = Enjoy yourself!, Dille di riprendersi. = Tell her to get better., Non preoccuparti. = Don't worry yourself., Calmati! = Calm down!, Digli di chiamarla. = Tell him to call her., Tocca a te! Your turn!, Si accomodi. = Make yourself comfortable., Trascinalo a scuola! = Drag him to school!, Coprimi! = Cover me!, Vattene! = Get out of here!, Concentriamoci. = Let's focus., Tienili! = Keep them!, Finiscila. = Finish it., Prendilo. = Take it., Non farti beccare. = Don't get caught., Lascia perdere! = Let it go! Forget it!, Dimmi quand'è iniziata? = Tell me when it started?, Girati, amico. = Turn around, friend.

imperativo presente [pensàrsi] = present imperative [to think about oneself]

pènsati [ non ti pensàre / non pensàrti ] (tu) .......... think about yourself [ don't think about yourself ] (informal, singular)

si pènsi (egli) .......... think about yourself (formal, singular)

pensiàmoci (noi) .......... let's think about ourselves, let's think about each other

pensàtevi (voi) .......... think about yourselves , think about each other (informal, plural)

si pènsino (essi) .......... think about yourselves, think about each other (formal, plural)


Why is "we think about us every evening!" wrong?


There may be a couple reasons.

  1. "Pensiamoci" indicates it is an imperative, which in English would be "Let's think about each other".
  2. "We think about us" doesn't sound right in English. Because it's reflexive we would say "we think about OURSELVES" or "we think about EACH OTHER" rather than saying "us". But both those sentences in Italian would be "Ci pensiamo", which is not the same as "Pensiamoci" (See point 1)


Think of us every night! didn't get accepted. I thought it seemed close enough to the sentiment. Am I way off here?


"Think of us" is the imperative "(you) think of us." This is "let's think of us," so it may not be the evening/night choice that dinged you. Either every night or every evening should be fine


Ok, thank you very much for the detailed explanation :)


so with reflexive imperatives does the pronoun always tag onto the end of the verb?


With all imperatives.


I was marked wrong for "Let's think about us every night!". Why is it wrong?


duo---I suspect it's because it just sounds strange to use "us" here rather than 'each other".


This sentence is totally different than the one given on the lesson page. Has anyone else found this to happen?


I said "Let's think about us every evening," marked incorrect. The correct answer was given as "Let's think about IT every evening."

When it came around again, I said "We think about it every evening," marked as the correct answer.


Joe...Given the ! point, I think the more likely translation would be "Let's..." rather than expressing it as a statement of fact. But given the right context, that's certainly possible.


I put 'let's think about us every evening' and it was marked wrong. Why? (Seems more natural to me than 'think about each other')


Struggling with the imperative big time, it's so complicated and illogical. 'Pensiamo' means we think, 'ci' means us. So why isn't 'we think about us every evening' accepted? And don't say because it is the imperative, how would I know it was the imperative if I came across it outside of DL.

The thing I'm struggling with is that the only thing that makes the imperative different to the actual translation of the words, is that we are told it is the imperative. Taking all these sentences in isolation, what makes them the imperative?

Surely it's not just as simple as there is an exclamation mark!


PENSARE Pensiamo: we think.

Ci pensiamo: we think about it.

Pensiamoci: let's think about it.

PENSARSI Ci pensiamo: we think about each other.

Pensiamoci: let's think about each other.


I typed exactly what you have for the answer and you dinged me wrong!!!


The emphasis was misplaced! iIt should read pensiAmoci - not the penultimate syllable.


the "ogni" sounds like "ognici"


"We think it every evening"

(ie: NO "of" - is it compulsory?) allowed?


nel rallentato pensiamòci è sbagliato


Great, i lost a heart because apparantly "ognicisinimegni" isnt correct. So why say it DL??

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