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  5. "Hon läser dina böcker."

"Hon läser dina böcker."

Translation:She is reading your books.

March 3, 2015



Eating your lemons? Drinking your coffee? Reading your books? Someone has boundary issues


if i understood correctly it is more simple than appears: "sin" for -en words. "sitt" for -ett words. "sina" for plurals


Thank you, I was wondering when to use those.


It’s all about agreeing with number and gender. din: when one person has one non-neuter object John, det är din sko = John, that is your shoe ditt: when one person has one neuter object John, det är ditt äpple = John, that is your apple dina: when one person has multiple objects of any gender John, det är dina skor = John, those are your shoes er: when more than one person has one non-neuter object Barn, det är er läxa = Children, that is your homework ert: when more than one person has one neuter object Barn, det är ert sandslott = Children, that is your sand castle era: when more than one person has multiple objects of any gender Barn, det är era husdjur = Children, those are your pets Note that it becomes er/ert/era because several people have the object, even if you only talk to one person: John, det är ert ansvar = John, it’s your (you and the others’) responsibility John, det är ditt ansvar = John, it’s your (yours alone) responsibility Hope I’m making some sense!


Difference between ert and dina? Both mean your!


er is for plural you, din is for singular you.

So if you're talking to one person:

  • din bok (en-ord)
  • ditt bord (ett-ord)
  • dina stolar (plural)

And if you're talking to multiple people:

  • er bok (en-ord)
  • ert bord (ett-ord)
  • era stolar (plural)


Excuse me but I don't know what do you mean with en words and ett words... Can someone please explain that to me? Thanks! :)


He/she is referring to the difference between en and ett for some words. An En word would be "en hund" and ett word would be "ett äpple". I hope this helps answer the question :)


Svenska is confusing but fun! I love saying simple things in Swedish to confuse my friends and family


ja, jag älskar svenska


Always confuse din, dinna, ditt...


why can't we all just keep our hands to ourselves here


On the words din and dina is the i long or short?


It's short in din and ditt but long in dina.


Okay, thank you very much!


How would you be able to tell its your instead of her??

  • your = dina
  • her = sina (her own) or hennes (another female's)


Why is it not 'her' books? Would that make it sina bocker? Meaning dina is a male term?


dina means "your". The initial d is a giveaway: du, din, dig etc. are all related to you.


when is it din, and when is it dina? i am confused, any help will be greatly appreciated. Tack!


Please see my other comments on this thread.


Stop touching my things!!!!


I thought a heard a clear vina instead of dina


It sounds dina to me


If i make a mistake when translating the sentence from swedish but the mistake is only the english grammar then why it counts as a health off???


The system can't accommodate accidental errors (save for typos) in either language because there's no way to know whether it was an accident or not.


It was quite difficult to distinguish between; 'dina and mina' in the recording. Especially as thevtwo words were given as possible answers.


I think the correct is "hon läser hennes böcker"


No, hennes means she reads some other female's books.

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