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Greek Lesson 10

Hello everyone! This is the 10th lesson of my series of Greek lessons. Here you'll learn the jobs' vocabulary in Greek. Remember that I don't write how words are pronounced, because you' ve already learnt it in the first lesson. There are two words for every job, one for the male person doing this job and one for the female one. In Greek there are genders, so there is a word to describe a man who is a singer and another one to describe a female singer. So, here's the vocabulary.

  • ο δάσκαλος - η δασκάλα = the primary school teacher
  • ο καθηγητής - η καθηγήτρια = the high school teacher
  • ο γυμναστής - η γυμνάστρια = the PE teacher
  • ο φιλόλογος - η φιλόλογος = the literature/history/grammar teacher
  • ο σερβιτόρος - η σερβιτόρα = the waiter/waitress
  • ο μάγειρας - η μαγείρισσα = the cook
  • ο πωλητής - η πωλήτρια = the shop assistant
  • ο κομμωτής - η κομμώτρια = the hairdresser
  • ο ξεναγός - η ξεναγός = the tour guide
  • ο λογιστής - η λογίστρια = the accountant
  • ο γιατρός - η γιατρός = the doctor
  • ο νοσοκόμος - η νοσοκόμα = the nurse
  • ο οδοντίατρος - η οδοντίατρος = the dentist
  • ο οδηγός - η οδηγός = the driver
  • ο πιλότος - η πιλότος = the pilot
  • ο κτηνίατρος - η κτηνίατρος = the vet
  • ο δημοσιογράφος - η δημοσιογράφος = the journalist
  • ο συγγραφέας - η συγγραφέας = the writer
  • ο μουσικός - η μουσικός = the musician
  • ο τραγουδιστής - η τραγουδίστρια = the singer
  • ο χορευτής - η χορεύτρια = the dancer
  • ο ηθοποιός - η ηθοποιός = the actor/actress
  • ο μεταφραστής - η μεταφράστρια = the translator
  • ο φούρναρης - η φουρνάρισσα = the baker
  • ο καθαριστής - η καθαρίστρια = the cleaner
  • ο οικοδόμος - η οικοδόμος = the builder
  • ο άνεργος - η άνεργη= the jobless
  • η δουλειά = the work
  • το επάγγελμα = the job


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Παναγιώτης :)

March 3, 2015



Thanks for the lesson! I really think you should try writing a second time to the Greek team members so they could add you...


I've actually sent my application to the Greek contributors three times already. :)


Maybe they get too many applications. I know Russian and wanted to contribute to the Russian for English speakers course and sent in a couple of applications, but still had to send a separate message to the course contributors to get feedback. And they would've added me after that, it's just that I decided not to risk letting them down after they told me the minimum amount of time I would have to spend on the course each week if they were to add me.


Well, hopefully you can be added, because I need a Greek DL course sooner rather than later.


Whether you are accepted for the Greek from English course or not you will still be a major teaching tool for many of us. So, be ready for lots of questions coming your way. I hope you will be made a moderator at least. But whatever happens just get in there, once the lessons come out (next year), to give your help.


I love how Greece is right next to the sea. Thanks for the lesson!


Well, not all cities in Greece are right next to the sea. (Greece is not only Athens and the islands below :p)

Duo :)


Thanks for this. It's really interesting to see how similar and how different ancient and modern Greek are.

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