"Salann agus piobar."

Translation:Salt and pepper.

March 3, 2015

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So, how would you ask someone to pass the salt and pepper?


You could just say Tabhair d(h)om, or "give me" and add a please at the end.

Tabhair dhom an salan agus an piobar le do thoil.


In some parts of Connemara "Tabhair d(h)om" is pronounced as one word: Turum.


Hm. So unlike in English, where we use one "the" to cover "the salt and pepper", Irish must give each item its own "an"?


Yes. Another example would be An bhfuil an t-arán agus an t-im ar an mbord?


A GR, why is dom lenited here? Also, would it be more correct to put the dom at the end of the sentence?


dom is pronounced as dhom in Connemara. I write it that way as well.

And it wouldn't be incorrect, but I feel the more natural is to keep it close. Generally, phrasal verbs stay closer together.


Sorry, meant to make this a reply to your example above.


In some languages, the word for "pepper" is used interchangeably for members of the piper family and for members of the capsicum family.

Is that also the case here -- can "piobar" be used to refer to green peppers as well as the table condiment?


As both types of "pepper" were introduced to the Irish speaking world via the English speaking world, Irish follows the English convention, and uses the same word for the spice "black pepper"/piobar dubh and for the various members of the capsicum family (piobar Chéin, piobar glas, etc).


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