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  5. "We eat an apple."

"We eat an apple."

Translation:Nós comemos uma maçã.

August 22, 2013



So isn't this literally they eat an apple? I mean, they're munching on one apple?


An apple, sliced, lightly salted, with cheese and crackets. Two or more people can share an apple in many ways, split in two, quartered.

For a party game, two people could eat a whole apple, not using their hands. One person holds the apple in a bite while the other person gets a bite, and so on.


No because you are one of them.


Eu falo espanhol mais eu quis aprender a falar português através do inglês. (Did I write it right) By the way how do you say: is it well written? In portuguese?


"Eu falo espanhol, mas eu quis aprender a falar português através do inglês." Mais = Mor / Mas = But.


What is the nasal sound of maçã like? I cannot seem to get it right. I keep wanting to give it the nasal sound of the French language, but it is not the same sound of the French nasal like "an" or "dans".


So why wouldnt we say "Nos comem" ?


"comem" is third person plural. "comemos" is first person plural.

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