"They cook traditional food."

Translation:De lagar traditionell mat.

March 3, 2015

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Should it not be " De lagar traditionella mat"?? Or it it only traditionella when "mat" is plural?


mat is uncountable, and it's an en word, so normally it is traditionell mat and maten är traditionell. But if it's determinate and attributive, i.e. the adjective is right before the noun, then it is den traditionella maten.


So why wouldn't we write: De lagar 'mat' traditionell mat


Because you usually say "lagar mat" when you aren't specifying what you are actually cooking. I believe you cannot just use lagar on it's own, or it isn't correct Swedish.

Since you are specifying what you are cooking (traditional food), you don't have to have that "mat" directly after "lagar". If you said "jag lagar mat traditionell mat" you would be saying "I cook food traditional food", which i guess would be okay with a comma.

I am not a native, but this is how i learned the verb!

I hope that makes sense!

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