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  5. "Parken är bakom huset."

"Parken är bakom huset."

Translation:The park is behind the house.

March 3, 2015



Why doesn't it say Parken ligger bakom huset?


It is definitely correct, and a bit more idiomatic.


Agreed. At least it's an accepted answer when translating the English sentence back into Swedish.


I was marked incorrect for "The park is behind my house." - is this incorrect as I have learned the definite form can be used to indicate possession.


The alternative answer 'the park is 'in' the back of the house' is incorrect!


in the back of is not an accepted answer, but in back of is. It would seem from web sources such as this that in back of is used to mean 'behind' with words like 'house'.


in back of the house is very much an American English expression. You would never hear that in British English, we would say at the back of the house, but this is marked as an incorrect answer.

Maybe "at the back* should be added to the correct answers?


Yes, that should probably be accepted, I'm adding it.


It doesn't mean exactly the same thing. The park could be (and probably is) not part of the backyard or in any case the same section as the house. 'Behind' can mean outside the wall or the gate or whatever.

I think.


I will..... this app at the back of its back


Why is "in back of" not accepted here as correct? Why is "behind" better if it really is?


A comment above seems to say that it is accepted? It is only dialectic though, it certainly sounds foreign/wrong to me. Behind is more universal.

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