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"Double or Nothing" streak froze

I've bought the double or nothing feature after coming back to Duolingo.com site, and now I have a 7 day streak.. it should have payed me already my 5 extra lingots but, instead, it just shows a 0 of 7 streak =(

Please note that I've met the daily goal every day and bought the Double or Nothing 7 (after this edit, 8) days ago. Now I'm not able to receive my lingots or buy more neighter.

Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you in advance.

March 3, 2015



The wager counter is supposed to increase by one for each day that the streak progresses. If that's not happening, there maybe a glitch. You will have a better chance of someone from the Duolingo team checking it if you move it to the troubleshooting section.


Did you buy the wager 7 days ago or today? If it was 7 days ago, you may have bought another one accidentally. The wager pays out 10 lingots (double the wager) but if you buy another one then you only have 10 - 5 = 5 lingots.


Somehow I got my lingots now, but I'm not sure if the double or nothing is still bugged, because it shows "day 0 of 7" and I didn't buy another bet yet.


Thank you, here we are...


Signing onto Duolingo is not enough. You have to hit your goal, which is at least one point earned, to get credit for each day.

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