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The Duolingo Android App now has an offline mode!

The new app automatically stores about an hour's worth of lessons that you can take while you're offline.

Be sure to update on Google Play! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.duolingo

August 22, 2013



Any plans of a true offline mode where you can download ALL the lessons? I really don't want to have to worry about my internet connection when traveling abroad.


Same here! I'm very interested.


Y'all are the best! I don't own an android but I am stoked for the android users! Thank you duo team for working so diligently to make an amazing language learning experience for all of your users! It truly is an amazing and fun experience to learn a language with duolingo. In my opinion y'all are the best language learning website and best company team out there. Thank you so much for always being so interactive with your users! :D


Hey I love you guys, but seems like the download wasn't long enough to last me 1 hour. Haha, maybe an option for longer would be best, but anyways. THANKS for the wonderful work you guys are doing.


And we'll put it to good use :). Thank you!


Mahtavampi! This is really great for all us people not "on" 24/7 ;)

How will the app pick the lessons to keep? Will it keep track of the times exercises are done and sync back with Duolingo when being online again? (How about the streaks?)


I think once you go online it syncs your progress data with the server.


well, I tested this out and it was pretty nice to be able to study while at school/work and no where near internet. Unfortunately, for me there was only about a half an hour of lessons. It would be nice if this app would store about 6 hours of lessons for each of like 3 languages, that way we have something to choose from. Maybe they could let us choose the data we want and how much of it before we log off that way it knows what to download when there is internet access. Maybe they can set up a set of settings for this feature, that we can set on our home computer or tablet, to govern/control our preferences. I'm not sure about anybody else, but I am willing to use my extra storage space on my tablet - just to be able to study for 6 hours at work/vacation/out in the boonies where no internet exists -- Please, make it possible?? Thank You :)


+1 Vote for a real offline mode, where you can select
- 2-3 skills
- 5-10 lessons per skill

Too bad that very often only one skill is unlocked on the home screen, as 10 lessons in one skill could not be taken in offline mode on my side; it stopped at 5 finished lessons.


+1 vote yes a real offline mode would be great! i often fly pricefighter airlines that do not offer onboard wifi and i would like to spend my time onboard doing duolingo. offline lessons so far do not seem to work for me, the (android) app just says that lessons and switching from one language to another is not supported offline. it would be ideal to be able to download some lessons or even skills for each language i am learning prior to travelling. thanks a bunch!


Thank you :)

Does offline mode work if you have finished the skill tree ?

EDIT: It seems if you finished skill tree the offline mode doesn't work because only new lessons are available in it.

EDIT2: It appears that if you have 1 lesson left in a unit and you finish that lesson in offline mode next skill will not be available. I'm not sure about this since I only gave duolingo 5 minutes to update, and I had 5 more lessons available in another skill.


wish I hadn't finished my tree, no lessons being avaliable if you've done so is a huge bs.


Could you elaborate on what is downloaded? Maybe give people the option on what is stored offline :) Thanks for this!


I can't see the "offline lesson" option in the app? :(


Same here. It appears that the offline mode has been removed. Has it?


The plus subscription is a joke. The main reason to activate plus was to have lessons in offline mode in order to maintain my streak. The thing is that only a couple of lessons is actually stored in the devices memory (which already was addressed 3 years ago, FFS!) and even worse - the offline streak doesn't work! Even though it tells that the daily goal has been achieved, it actually doesn't save that information, which eventually lead to lose my 7-day wager and lose a streak freeze along with 1 day of progress. If it weren't for the streak freeze, I would lose my whole 100 day streak, even though I achieved my daily goal, TWICE! Overall I find the plus subscription not worth the money and I won't definitely put any additional money to you, as you are not actually making anything to justify any reasons to upgrade to plus. Thanks for nothing.

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DL just keeps getting better and better!!!!


I'm leaving on holiday to a foreign country soon. Will practicing in offline mode keep my streak alive?


I believe it will because once you go online, it should sync your progress data. Best way to find out is to test it in offline mode for a day or two. Seeing that I'm more of a n00b to this site and likely don't have near the streak most of you do, I'll test & post back.


Hi, thanks for trying. What did you figure out?


My streak has been uninterrupted, so it seems that it performs a sync once back online.


Exactly my question too! This would be very very cool :)


I have a question - why doesn't my points that I make on the mobile app count towards my streeak? I had a 13 day streak going, then did 2 days without usoing the computer - only the app - and went back to a 1 day streak. that sucks. But I LOVE the app and the program - I am actually LEARNING french!


Are you iphone or android? I have exclusively used my android in the past and it has continued my streak.


I'm mainly using an iPad and it continues my streak so I think the Apple app works so it seems there's something strange going on here. Anyway Duolingo it sounds brilliant having an offline mode! Very well done can't wait for this to come to Apple devices. :D


Hmm, maybe I won't try offline mode. I'm on a 70-day streak right now.


Could someone help how do i take duo in offline mode? Because i just can't figure it out. :-?? I'm a noob. Please help me.


me too please ^^ I guess the way to preload the lessons works the same on android and iphone? Do we just open the app while online and let it load for an undefined period? :-( I am feeling very stupid, but my phone just doesn't do it by itself.


i fiured it out. the answer is simple, the app just downloads some lessons while in the online mode, and it works very well offline. I tested it today.


I think I only tried to practise finished lessons from my tree when offline and the app cannot load everything. Next time I commute I'll try the lesson that is next up! Thank you!


Booo!!! I went away for a weekend, practiced in offline mode every day, but my streak got broken :( no fair!


That's exactly what happened to me. :(


How about a version for us Windows phone users? Please????


I want an app for pc not everybody has a smart phone.


I am using BlueStacks app player (Android emulator).

However for my Portuguese course only one lesson is downloaded offline / can be started. The next locked lesson can NOT be unlocked once you finish that one lesson before.

So the next lesson is already shown in offline mode, but I can not do multiple lessons as expected (30-60 minutes of lessons material for one skill or maybe even 2 skills).


I have now managed to execute (3-)5 lessons in a skill.
For the 2nd (parallel) unlocked skill I was even able to do new 2 lessons.

You have no real control over, how many lessons can be taken in total in offline mode. It was not always 5, but e.g 2-3 also.
And sometimes a new lesson (e.g 1-2/3 finished) could not be taken anymore as the message was "you have to connect to the internet".

I NEVER could take all 10 lessons in one skill! And I tried multiple times in the past weeks!

BTW: There is no real "airplane mode" in Bluestacks - at least I can not find it. But the home screen (practice button) is already aware of it's current "offline" mode.

The bad thing is that the Android app V3.39.2 after doing ~7-8 offline lessons in two skills just crashed. Each time I restart now the app, there is only the white screen in online mode and the app terminates. Tried it multiple times on Bluestacks and it does not recover anymore with WLAN/online mode.
It recovered once before when this happend before - dunno why.
Even APK re-install does not help, so probably the app data got corrupted...

Started a new thread:
(Reported) Bug: Android app V3.39.2+V3.40.4 does not start, terminated, data corrupted, 9 offline lessons done: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20610216


The scenario is even worse:
The app even terminates on BlueStacks also when only 2+1 / 2+2 offline lessons have been finished (after the restart)! And app did not terminate itself before when finishing the 3rd/4th lesson!!!

The difference to the 9 offline lessons before is, that the app (later versions) at least starts and the tree with skills is quickly shown for ~1-3 seconds, before the app terminates again. So this is the difference.

I also tried the two newest app versions from February.

What is also quite funny: 1) "cp -R -f /data/data/com.duolingo /sdcard/DuoLingo_Backup/ did not fully backup on adb shell (there were warnings before)! Replacing the backuped package in /data/data/ makes no difference, my older lessons are not there anymore for a new online sync (e.g with one of the latest app versions).

2) Adb Backup / restore did NOT successfully backup my offline lessons. Nor are the lessons restored successfully. There must be hidden folders or files, which can not easily be copied / backuped.

@Android developer team:
Before doing this fancy Clubs, Bots and other stuff: Could you please help that the core offline functionality is at least working or can be debugged / traced? Or is this only a (my) problem on Bluestacks?

Please help!
Please also give in-depth tips how to handle backup and restore of offline lessons (app data).
It would help very much to be able to read a good manual or data / file handling (storage, reading) , tree-sync on startup specification! :-)



Link von "Der Deutschkurs für Arabischsprachige zeigt Erfolge" https://www.duolingo.com/comment/21576986 und Richtigstellung der "Offline-Mode" Beschreibung von https://wb-web.de/material/lehren-lernen/lernen-mit-duolingo.html in Deutsch:

Ich habe einen Kommentar auf wb-web.de zum dort falsch beschriebenen "Offline-Mode" angelegt.

Zitat: "DuoLingo ist offline verfügbar, d.h. nach dem Herunterladen steht es auch ohne Internetverbindung zur Verfügung."

Diese Aussage ist leider falsch.

DuoLingo unterstützt - im Gegensatz bsw. zum auswählbaren Memrise Handy App Offline Cache Mode (kompletter Kurs) mit der kostenpflichten Memrise Pro Mitgliedschaft - leider keinen echten Offline Mode.
Weder werden alle Skills und Lessons heruntergeladen, noch können alte Skills in diesem eingeschränkten Mode ohne eine Internet-Verbindung (WLAN, 3G) gestärkt werden.

Es werden lediglich 5 Lessons für 1-2 Skills angeboten, wenn man Glück hat.
Oft funktioniert noch nicht einmal das.
10 Lessons sind meinen bisherigen Tests nach auf Bluestacks (Android Emulator) nicht offline möglich. Man wird erneut aufgefordert, eine Internet Verbindung herzustellen. Diese Meldung hatte ich bsw. auch öfters bei neuen Skills auf dem Laptop bekommen und ich konnte nicht die Lesson 1-5 starten, die vorher freigeschalten (unlocked) wurden.
Auch hatte es mehrmals nichts gebracht, zuvor mit Internetverbindung in diesen Skill zu wechseln, den man später (z.B im Park auf einer Bank) offline durchführen wird. Mehr als 2 Skills konnten im Baum auch nicht für eine neue Lesson ausgewählt werden.

Die DuoLingo App mit ihrem "limitierten (cached) Offline Mode" ist meiner Meinung nach jedoch noch etwas verbuggt und hat starke Synchronisierungsprobleme.
So kann es bsw. vorkommen, dass 5 abgeschlossene (Offline) Lessons plötzlich nicht mehr mit dem DuoLingo Server synchronisiert werden können, sich die App regelmäßig beendet und nicht mehr starten will.

Meinen Tests nach auf BlueStacks mit der Android DuoLingo App (mehrere Versionen!) trifft dies sowohl bei 2-5 Lessons bei einem Skill, als auch einem Lesson-Mix für 2 Skills auf (z.B 2+1, 2+2, 5+4, 5+2...) auf.

Inwieweit dies auf einem Android Handy im Airplane Mode (kein Bluetooth, WLAN, 3G) besser läuft, muß ich derzeit bezweifeln, so wie sich die Android App bei mir verhält und scheinbar programmiert ist.
Ein IOS Handy habe ich nicht, um diesen ca. 30-60 Minuten "Offline-Cache-Mode" für 1-2 Skills auszutesten.

Ich mußte mehrmals ALLE abgeschlossenen Lessons wiederholen, zuletzt neu im Web, da nicht erfolgreich.



Bis die DuoLingo Entwickler einen "echten (wählbaren) Offline Modus" einführen oder den gemeldeten Bug (Bug Report) beheben bzw. dazu überhaupt ein Feedback geben (fehlt leider bis dato), ist es ratsam eine Handy App nahezu ausschließlich im Online Modus - mit Internet - zu verwenden.

Link "Bug: Android app V3.39.2+V3.40.4 does not start, terminated, data corrupted, lessons not synchronized": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20610216


Thank you! Y'all are awesome!


Is there an offline mode for iPhones? If not, I'm sure it will be coming, and I'm very excited for that!!! :)


Yes there is (:


Woo hoo :-)



this makes me super happy.


this is great news!! keep the updates coming and hopefully more language package is on your way :D


Yes, those of us with long streaks really want to know if the "offline" mode will count toward our streaks! :)


Fantastic news! I'll start putting it to good use the very second I jump on to the metro today. I almost feel bad not paying for such a rich feature set.., almost.

p.s. I just saw this news by chance. This kind of goodie should really make it into a blog post!


Por cierto, sos un orgullo guatemalteco!


Danke! Gracias! Thank you!


This is what i need!Thanks!


When I do lessons the the web, the android application does not update the new lesssons that I learned. I have to reboot the phone for the application to synch with the server.


How do you download a lesson for offline use, and how long does it take? When using the app on my android phone in the New York subways, where there often is no reception, the app tends to hang when I hit Submit, and then when I get to places with some reception, it works fast.


Hi, you probably figured it out by now. On the iphone you have to go to airplane mode so duo really knows that offline mode is needed. Then you see all lessons greyed out but the last new ones are possible to use. You cannot choose which lessons to download and you cannot use practise mode. It only takes a few seconds to refresh. My local subways are just the same: up and down and confusing for an online owl ^^


Thanks, that helps a lot! Although today I finished a lesson but it kept going back to that lesson. It didn't advance to the next lesson until I got back into an area with reception and turned the connection back on.


July 2015 the offline mode still does not sync when back online; streak is interrupted (Android).


wow!!! much-awaited feature :)


No, it does not have offline content.


does it also store voice/sound data for offline use? I was testing it today in my commute and there was no voice over :-( Is this a bug or it's not available in offline mode?


How to put the app in offline


Hi, i used it with portugues, but know with italian i can't. I doesn't work. Do you know what can i do?


How much data would one full language course be? I know that downloading a full course is not an option yet it probably depends on the language, but can you give us a rough average? Just to know how feasible it might be...


Not so much. Galaxy S5. No lessons stored. Once in airplane mode, nothing. No lessons available.


J'amie duolingo et merci to duolingo j speak fluent françe


How many lessons will be downloaded and how many can be started/finished offline?
If course specific, how many for DE-EN/EN-DE and EN-PT/PT-EN/PT-DE?

In offline mode (Bluestacks app player on PC) only ONE unlocked lesson can be taken without an internet connection.
I only see two lessons available in the skill, one (2nd) is locked. Once completed the next lesson is unlocked and could be started.
But when i click for the 2nd lesson on the start button it says: "Please go online to sync this lesson".
What also works is that the Android app shows a 3rd (locked) lesson as soon as the 1st lesson is completed.
It was not there before, as long as the 1st lesson was not completed and the 2nd lesson was still locked.


WARNING: Don't take too many offline (9-10) lessons, especially not from two skills in parallel!!!: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/733368$comment_id=20606434

I started a new thread for (reported) bug: Android app V3.39.2+V3.40.4 does not start, terminated, data corrupted, 9 offline lessons done: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20610216


Estaba en nivel 12, se borró la cuenta y me regresan al uno. No es posible . varias veces me ha pasado lo mismo.


Is it possible to develop an English afrikaans version for south African children?


How do you access this?


How can i download?


Since the introduction of "Duolingo Plus" you cannot download it for free anymore


Hi Pentaan,

Quote: Since the introduction of "Duolingo Plus" you cannot download it for free anymore

Are you sure?

Maybe I could re-test with KOPlayer Android emulator software and one of the two recent DuoLingo Android apps, to re-test the crown L0 to L1 "10 lesson cache mode for 1-2 skills"?

It probably makes sense that somebody also re-tests the lesson cache mode for crown levels L2 to L3 (I have not a single L3 skill after the simple conversion in my EN-PT tree).

Personally I would have expected it to be working; why shouldn't it?

At least it was with an older app version partly with Bluestacks V3 for 1-3 quick lessons (without "DuoLingo Plus") as Luis had promised BEFORE crown level update.
However, I had not yet any chance to do a FULL / detail stability (app crash) test for 10 lessons across 2 skills....

I am curious:
What app (plattform) and versions have you tested the free lesson cache mode with?

Maybe staff had no time to re-test it with the latest crown level "overlay" update on the app?....everything could be ;)

Let me know what and how you are working on the test...

Viele Grüße in die NL


I did not test it myself, but I have seen too many complaints about:

  • cannot download in Android (non-Plus users)
  • results of lessons in cache don't synchronize with Duolingo's servers
    (Plus and non-Plus users)
  • lost my streak but I am sure that I have done my daily lessons
  • etc., etc.

I think, it would be even better that users of the App don't allow Duolingo to access their device's storage.
In my test account for the Android App I have seldom issues in synchronizing.
On my Android phone (V 7.1.1) the Duolingo App does not have permission to use Storage and Contacts.
(Better safe than sorry)

Vriendelijke groet voor DE.


Love to see this feature on windows too


Offline mode doesn't seem to work at all. Or is it behind paywall?


You have to subscribe to Duolingo Plus.


Quote llamerr: Offline mode doesn't seem to work at all. Or is it behind paywall?

Quote FowlLanguage: You have to subscribe to Duolingo Plus.


Actually there is a 2nd free (but limited) "10 lesson cache mode" for freshly unlocked skills (not sure if this also works on crown levels L1-L4, have not tested it yet).

Buggy "Lesson cache mode" scenario described for older app versions in this OFFLINE thread 733368:


Luis had confirmed this personally in the really big "Introduction Duolingo Plus" thread
(warning: this huge thread will only load successfully on the new http://forum.duolingo.com discussion forum URL, don't try on the old http://www.duolingo.com/discussion URL!!!): https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/22202238$comment_id=22207387

I actually could finish 10 lessons on KOPlayer (Android emulator) with a newer Android app version (last time I had tested this for unlocked crown L0->L1 lessons) several months ago.


OFFLINE lessons are back in a different way:


How to access Duolingo offline

Plus and FREE learners can now access lessons offline in the Android and iOS app. These upcoming lessons will be automatically downloaded for you.

How does this work?

For Android users, the lessons will be downloaded in advance when your device is idle. If you have the iOS app, your lessons will be automatically downloaded when you’re active in the app. As you complete lessons while connected to WiFi, you’ll have more lessons available offline.

Once you’re ready to learn offline, enable airplane mode and you will see a banner ‘You’re offline’. You will notice skills available offline, a lesson will be available in each unlocked skill. After you complete a lesson, you can reconnect to WiFi/data.

NOTE: You may notice some skills that are greyed out. Those skills are not available while offline.

What will be available offline?

There will be some variation. To ensure you have ample storage space on your mobile device, we will have a selection of unlocked skills and lessons automatically available. It should be about 1 lesson per unlocked skill.

Can this be disabled?

No, this feature cannot be disabled.

I’m not seeing any skills available for offline learning! What should I do?

For Android users, we will download these lessons while your device is idle. We recommend closing the app for a bit or shutting down your device, then return to complete your lessons offline.

For iOS users, we recommend completing more lessons while on iOS. The lessons will download when the app is open and your device is unlocked/on


Unfortunately you can now only access one OFFLINE lesson once per L0 purple unlocked or L1+ completed skill.

Before Plus ~10 lessons were available in 1-2 L0 skills.
Now it is limited to one.
With the extension of one lesson for all previous skills on different crown levels (for each skill).

If you want to work on 1-3 active L0 crown skills which are freshly unlocked the new implemention has IMHO less flexibility than the very old code for FREE users (used before Plus or offered in parallel).


Previous Offline download threads:

"Offline lessons greyed out": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/53571440

"After Update, App will not Open Offline": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/53898974

"Offline lessons no longer exist": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/53992560

"Cannot Download Offline Courses (Android App)": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/54032003

"Downloading courses to do offline": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/54048573

"Add the ability to download the course for offline mode via the mobile network": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/54102071

"The new/updated offline mode is horrible": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/54775973

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