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Looking for competitors!

Hello all! Nothing gets me motivated better than competition so I'm looking for people to compete with.

Week 10 winner: Paheer_Maha

SCOREBOARD ON 08/03/2015 next update; 15/03/2015

  1. 3384 XP Paheer_Maha (All hail the king)

  2. 3145 XP iffypant (awww you got so close, think you can be first next week?)

  3. 3008 XP Briskrisk (congrats on making the top 3!)

  4. 2525 XP Don_Cristian

  5. 1159 XP Foudeb

  6. 1045 XP dannydaddy

  7. 897 XP Roseieposie

  8. 753 XP herah (❤❤❤❤❤❤ you beat me :( )

  9. 701 XP AaronTupaz

  10. 670 XP mandyvdn

  11. 616 XP michellan

  12. 613 XP smccarter

  13. 605 XP shaundeanesh

  14. 588 XP The-Jason-365

  15. 437 XP AussieCraig

  16. 413 XP moftahgebreal

  17. 364 XP birdy0127

  18. 277 XP thatboysofly

  19. 256 XP Yuyangw03

  20. 161 XP MAILE96

  21. 160 XP Jingelmasg

  22. 92 XP NinjaFishSticks

  23. 56 XP mari-chan01

  24. 20 XP Ryecat1011

  25. 0 XP ZachAttack777 (step up your game you can do it!!!)

March 3, 2015



Woot woot, so many competitors! I will post the first xp scoreboard on sunday so you have another five days to work your way into the top three hehe. Also, I'm coming for you Briskrisk ;)


Sounds ominous. xD


it is ominous. very ominous.


Dun dun ... dunnnn!


All right awesome :)

[deactivated user]

    I am currently focusing on the French tree, but competition-wise, I've been known to throw in a bit of Spanish immersion or strengthening that makes the XP go up quickly. But I'm game. I'll warn you I am crazy though!


    I've got my eyes on you, dude.

    [deactivated user]

      Oh mon dieu!


      Your number of languages registered for vouches a little for your craziness :O c'est incroyable! you. must. be destroyed. we will not be forced into living under your polyglot rule.


      I second that, i vow to dethrone you asap!

      [deactivated user]

        I sense a bit of hostility... I LOVE IT!! Mwahahaha (evil laugh) I will rule over duolingo with an iron fist!!

        Don't forget the safeword http://www.scoopy.com/eurotrip.jpg


        I accept the challenge!


        Yaaay, i dare you to keep up with me!


        YES. I am ready!


        I accept your challenge :)


        I am ready to be beatin but i will still be there


        Me too! Count me in!


        Sure I'm in!


        I'll join also.


        I'll join in.


        sounds cool, I'm in


        Sorry, but I must leave the competition, for I'm dropping French in order to learn Ukrainian. It's what I've really been waiting for. Slavic cultures and languages just fascinate me.


        It sounds fun. Count me in! :D


        Great idea. I`d love to join to.

        Have a lingot for your plan (:


        Awesome! Thanks you and congrats on the 59 day streak


        Hi michellan, It sounds good :) I'd like to get in :)


        Allright you're in and good luck :)


        Thank you michellan I also wish you good luck and nice study: ). hehe, I am on duolingo for 2 years.I think you will reach my level earlier :) by the way I think it would be better if you count the weekly Leaderboard than alltime Leaderboard.....:)


        edit: nvm looking at your xp it should probably be you wishing me luck....


        All right here's a temporary scoreboard to kick things off. Should i keep updating it once a week or more frequently? And would you guys prefer looking at the french tree's xp exclusively or at the overall xp?

        SCOREBOARD ON 04/03/2015 next update; 07/03/2015?

        1. 1968 XP Paheer_Maha

        2. 1452 XP iffypant

        3. 1102 XP Briskrisk

        4. 362 XP dannydaddy

        5. 361 XP michellan

        6. 281 XP herah

        7. 267 XP shaundeanesh

        8. 251 XP smccarter

        9. 244 XP Roseieposie

        10. 218 XP The-Jason-365

        11. 216 XP AaronTupaz

        12. 197 XP mandyvdn

        13. 161 XP birdy0127

        14. 140 XP Jingelmasg

        15. 86 XP Yuyangw03

        16. 73 XP MAILE96

        17. 37 XP NinjaFishSticks

        18. 36 XP mari-chan01

        19. 20 XP Ryecat1011

        Can't wait to see my name in the top three. Also let me know if I left you out/you want to be on the scoreboard!


        Hey, i prefer using the weekly french tree scoreboard, then maybe at the end of a month we can post the overall scoreboard - don't you agree? The overall is a bit daunting with the gaps present between those that started long before us, with the weekly we're competing from the same starting line which encourages the competition.


        I think the score is cumulative of points earned from all languages like dandydaddy alluded to in his post above.


        ah yes right right - okee so we're competing with our weekly effort in studying regardless of languages.


        Good point haha, the weekly ones it is then (: Ill edit the board


        also :)! maybe if it's possible it's better to paste the score updates into the first original post somewhere, and you can keep re-editing only that post so the scores are easily visible to everyone at the top, if not i guess we can keep pasting it in comments as we keep going.


        youre full of good ideas... im impressed haha


        ooh wawawiwwa I love competition ! I'm in


        Count me in too please.


        Scoreboard has been updated!


        Thanks for the update! Hey, I think I climbed a few ranks :-)


        well done :) !


        I'm 8th! Yoh I have to admit you made me work for it, also lucky in the last hours I was waiting at a restaurant for a friend that was late, and I managed to get a lot of lessons done in those minutes! I was aiming on surpassing yourself, Rosieposie and AaronTupaz. Let's see how the next week goes! The tree is getting harder :O too. For now, Goodnight from this side, fellow enemy :) x


        Merci for the update!


        awww you got so close, think you can be first next week?

        I know I beat last week's champion Paheer_Maha and the few from here whom I am following. Did you have a chance to gather the XPs before the reset for an update?


        I have looked, she isn't active for days..........

        1. 1385xp Iffypant(Congratulations!)

        2. 816xp Herah

        3. 722xp dannydaddy

        4. 622xp Paheer_Maha

        5. 480xp Don Christian

        6 198xp AussieCraig

        7 149xp AaronTupaz

        1. 123xp Briskrisk

        2. 117xp christll

        3. 51xp Foudeb

        11 45xp birdy0127

        1. 20xp beijaflor

        If I have missed somebody just write down......


        Ha you missed me, I cannot remember my points though :/. But i did a lotttt last week somewhere near your score, do you know how i can find my previous week progress?

        Also, Many congrats iffypant, all glory is yours, we salute you. raises iffypant flag


        Hi Herah,

        Sorry, when I looked on your xp-board , there was 0.

        But last week you had 281xp and know 1097xp so I would say 816xp. Is it ok for you ?


        Ah! Right, so then it was a score of 806xp :) (- 10xp from this week). Thank you!

        Holy crap i came second!!! At least on this board, I believe there are quite a few members missing on it yet. So temporarily i can rejoice at 2nd place! happy dance



        hahaha........ I am very sorry.I made a big mistake. your xp point is from 7.3. till now and the others xp point are only from yesterday till now........:).


        lol...............Think positiv, now you will be more motivatet to do execises, like the german proverb" wer einmal Blut leckt der will mehr".... means " who taste the blood, he will more ..........:.;)

        Shell we create a new discussion post. because I do not know, If michellan will come back.


        Hi shaundeanesh, Thx you. The score board is wrong, I havn't got all scores from last week


        Let's wait this week for her, but keep an eye on the board ourselves on sunday, if she doesn't return by then we can put the updated on a new discussion board.

        Ha YEAH I HAVE TASTED BLOOD i can assure you i am keen to fight like Chengis himself!


        I remember you had ~5,100+ xp, and I had ~5,800+. And we've determined that herah had around 806. The rest, I don't know.


        Hi Iffypant, your right I forgot the numbers but I only know that you won this week. :). therefore I wrote it. We will note this next week either here or in a new discussion board.


        You guys know the DuoBattle has started.


        This week scoreboard:

        1. 6440 xp Iffypant(Congratulations!)
        2. 6021 xp Paheer_Maha
        3. 2311 xp Don Christian
        4. 1944 xp Dannydaddy
        5. 1235 xp AaronTupaz
        6. 1042 xp AussieCraig
        7. 988 xp Brisk
        8. 518 xp Foudeb
        9. 441 xp Shaundeanesh
        10. 351 xp Herah
        11. 234xp Birdy
        12. 68 xp Beijaflor
        13. 49 xp Smccarter

        P.s. Members with 0 points were not written down. If I miss somebody please let me know.


        Of course. We are working on our Xp's :).


        I would like to join! Can I please join even though I have no clue what we are doing

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