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who wanna learn russian?

August 22, 2013



I plan to, after brushing up on (and hopefully immersing in) my French and Spanish (which I only sort of learned at some point).

So, it's just a long term project for me, completing my personal "language pyramid" (3 Germanic, 2 Romanic and 1 Slavic language).

I'd appreciate if we could be friends on lang-8.com, where I have an account with the same name. We could correct each other's texts then.


I plan to do that sometime in the future (a few years ago, I had been visiting a course for half a year, but I'm afraid I didn't learn much besides the ability to read cyrillic), but I can't do all languages at the same time, so I'm currently happy with having German and French avaliable here, and by doing exercises for those two, I'm also maintaining my English on a certain level :).


that is cool. What if ask duolingo to help us out?

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