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Finally I finished the Swedish tree!!

So! It took me a month to finish the tree, of course I didn't memorize each single vocabulary ,but now I can present my self,talk about my day,describe something or somebody, Thank you Duolingo, Great website ! Great learning tool,i use it on my PC,on my mobile, in the Metro,bus ,everywhere,!


March 3, 2015



Congratulations! I also finished the swedish tree. It took me literally two months but I learned a lot I guess. Now I am going to keep the whole tree gold and work even more harder. Cheers for all of us! :)


Great job! Did you have any previous experience with it? How much did you practice daily? Have a lingot, and a great day sir.


I knew nothing..the very first Swedish word i learned was using Duolingo..! sometimes two days passes without practicing and sometimes i practice for 4-5 hours a day!!


Hope you enjoy your lingots!


Bra jobbat! :)


tack så mycket!


Very nice! :) congratulations!!


Congratulations! I do wonder how much time you spend daily to get the tree finished in a month! Did you keep all the bars full?

This is my Question because I'mmlearning DL Swedish for two months now and I just completed 'sports'. Sometimes it takes me more than hour to rehearse the oud lessons before even starting a new one!

I do not mind that it takes some time, but I do not know how this works for others. Practising in the public transport?


Hej! thank you! well,there were times were I spent maybe five hours and more,other days an hour, For me , I just wanted to surround my self with the language ,so using DL was only one of the things I do to keep practicing Swedish, I listen to the Swedish radio, music, Swedish TV,read newspaper , and now i am trying to keep the bars fulls, So for me by using DL I wanted first to be introduced to the language and then put everything together and its working ;)


Thank you for your answer. That is quite an intense course indeed! I have 'äkta människor' on my watchlist, i know it is available in the Netherlands. Also I bought a youth book, but first i have to finish the entire tree before continuering to regular media!


well, unfortunately you don't have too many options when it comes to the Swedish media, swedes excel at exporting and making music in English,but very few in Swedish ,and the Swedish TV always with English shows /Swedish subtitle ,and you can really understand that when you find out the English is consider in Sweden more as a second language than a foreign one

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