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"The satisfaction of meeting old students is enormous."

Translation:A satisfação de encontrar alunos antigos é enorme.

August 22, 2013



Alunos velhos is also possible I think


velhos alunos, I'd say. but yes


I think "velhos alunos" should be accepted also, because it is not specified if "old" is referring to students old by age or by the time they studied. Those students that studied before, are also older than they were at the time of studies.


Would it not be 'a satisfacao de se encontrar alunos antigos e enorme'? Without 'se' wouldn't the meaning of encontrar change from 'meeting' to 'finding'?


I want to know the answer to this question too. The hint suggested encontrar-se, which seemed reasonable to me, so I also wrote "se encontrar".


Can Duo please provide an answer to this question?


You use "se encontrar" when talking about two entities meeting each other--e.g., Marcos e João se encontraram na ópera ontem à noite (Marcos and João met [each other|met up] at the opera last night). The context is what makes "encontrar" mean "meet", not the reflexive pronoun.


why did it correct "meeting" as "encontrar", but it wouldn't accept "conhecer"?


conhecer : meet for the FIRST time. encontrar: seeing AGAIN. After this definition, conhecer does not work in this sentence.

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