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Bug report: XP attributed to wrong language

I found this bug recently and didn't see it reported anywhere else.

Background: I am an English speaker learning German and Portuguese. I use the immersion section only for German. I log into Duolingo and the navigation bar at the top shows the Brazilian flag next to my username because I was taking Portuguese quizzes most recently.

Steps to reproduce: I mouse over my username, click on 'Your Profile'. I scroll down my profile to an update where I was translating a German article into English. I click on the article to continue translating. I am in a German article, translating it to English, but the navigation bar still displays the Brazilian flag. Any XP I earn while translating this German article is then attributed to my Portuguese level.

Maybe someone else can give it a try to make sure I'm not crazy?

March 3, 2015



You can achieve all kinds of funny bugs if you open Duolingo in several tabs and mess around with the languages .... don't go halfway through a lesson, then suddenly decide that you need to look something up in another language, open a second tab and change the interface - maybe your lesson will not finish correctly. Of course this is just stupid, like complaining that your operating system will crash if you delete some random files from the system folder.

And usually everything works fine again if you reload the entire page.

Another bug I encounter daily: My windows phone app tells me that I have not reached not goal yet, though I already earned my points hours before.


Have you tried changing your learning language to German before doing the emersion exercise?


Yes, you're correct. Changing the learning language results in the XP being given to the expected language. I'm sure most people do it this way since I found no other posts describing this behavior. I just wanted to point out the programming bug. I imagine it could be abused by the many schoolchildren on here to earn easy XP and gain levels for a language without having to do quizzes OR translation involving the target language.

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