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I can not look at the comments that my on my document! what do I do ?

I accidentally deleted my document so now I can not look at it,and people are commenting on it. What do I do?

March 3, 2015

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I'll go to your profile page. I can't remember your original question. At the top of the screen next to your user name, click on the picture or like me, we never put any: the head shape.

Okay I answered there, but I will copy it back to here also. You were asking about when to use which verb, but you were not very specific. If that ever happens again, repost the original question and provide as much information as possible so we know what you need help with.

Here is the dictionary: http://dictionary.reverso.net/portuguese-english/ir

Here you can look up verb endings for every tense, like present, past...: http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-spanish-verb-ir.html

Which verbs are causing you trouble? http://spanish.about.com/cs/verbs/a/servsestar.htm "Ser" and "estar" both mean "to be", so I am guessing those are the ones. http://spanish.about.com/od/usingparticularverbs/a/ser.htm http://spanish.about.com/od/usingparticularverbs/a/estar.htm http://spanish.about.com/od/usingparticularverbs/a/muerto.htm

Wait I thought you were talking about the previous discussion, do you mean a document that you downloaded for immersion?

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