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how to find when i started DL

Does anyone know if there's a way to find out how long you have been doing DL. I'd like to know how long it has taken me to get where i am.

August 22, 2013



Excellent question! I don't think Duolingo is set up to show the join date; Duolingo seems to be lacking in that kind of thing.

However, there's a different way to figure it out. Right-click anywhere on the screen, and click "View page source". On the keyboard, press Ctrl+F and search for "creation_date". It'll show the date right there.


That's so cool. There's loads of info there... Must dig into that tomorrow.


Thanks so much, 11th of june so just over two months ... feels good to see how far i've progressed :-)


Me too! 14th of June for me. From how far I've progressed, I thought it must be at least three or four months.


Brilliant! Thanks for that info'! 8 1/2 months and counting!


Thanks, it's nice to know how far you've come...


that's a good question! I've been trying to figure that out too. i think there should be a way,i just don't know how.


As far as I know Duolingo doesn't show when a user has joined, but you can still find the join date if you view the page source.


Ooer! What does that mean and where would I find it? LOL :-)


See TimothyGeek's answer at the top of this page.


BTW I ran it past my 13 year old son after I'd found it (thanks Timothy Geek) and he said "you mean you didn't know how to do that mum?" Aren't teenagers great! :-)

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