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Losing Functionality......

I have been using Duolingo on my Iphone (Ios 7.1.1) for a couple of months, and in the past two weeks there has been some performance degradation. Specifically, I no longer see the accent marks when I am asked to type something in Spanish, and when I am asked to speak a phrase into the phone, I have to do it two times before the program responds. Is this something I can correct?

March 3, 2015



Have you tried re installing the app, or checking out your phone for problems that effect all apps?


I was thinking of reinstalling the app, but I didn't know if that would mean I would lose my place in what I'm learning ..... Not having any other problems with my phone in last two weeks, this seems specific to this app....


You won't lose any progress by reinstalling, you'll just log back in and it will still be there :)

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