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  5. "Ele ainda navega."

"Ele ainda navega."

Translation:He still sails.

March 3, 2015



Can this mean "He even sails" or would that be "Ele navega ainda"? Or a different word?


The Duo hints for ainda however include even as a meaning. So is there a time when ainda means even (and yet which is also in the hints)?

Linguee gives this as one example: A medalha é um incentivo para ele treinar ainda mais.


Eu não terminei meu dever de casa ainda.


And tricky word order here: Eu ainda não posso revelar o nome do novo gerente.


Yes. "Ainda" has more than one translation in English. So it is more difficult in English than it is in Portuguese =)

  • Eu ainda não posso revelar o nome do novo gerente. (Here, ainda = still)

The other two examples from linguee are correct uses of "ainda" =)

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