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Kindle reading

Before I go do some research into reading in other languages on a Kindle I want to get some advice here. I already found out that you can buy dictionary go to your settings and switch your default dictionary, which I feel is ridiculous, but anyways. But since I haven't bought anything, I was wondering if there is any issues there and any advice in general?

Is there a lot of content? Can you use the read out loud feature with other languages? Have you found it easy to use as a non-native speaker? Is it hard to find books in other languages when using the kindle store on the kindle? The english version has trouble defining words if they are grouped hyphened something like that, so will there be a problem defining words when there are contractions as there are so often in french?

And since I'm learning French now is there any suggestions as far as which dictionary to buy and which book to buy, for a beginner (I already have petit prince)?

August 22, 2013



I'm spanish speaker and I've been using my kindle as a helpful tool in learning other languages like russian, italian and portuguese. There's a lot of books out there for practicing, but really I have found just a couple books specifically designed for teaching a language. The problem is most of them come in pdf format, and is very hard to find this books in mobi or another kindle format.

Unfortunately I can suggest you a french dictionary, and certainly I never use the read out loud feature. Good luck.


I know the kindle can be used to read other languages, but your at least helping me feel assured that its a helpful tool in language learning, being that you've used it for so many. I guess I'll have to buy audio books in addition, to hear how words are pronounced. Thanks


I've never used the read out loud feature either. It's a while since I got my kindle but I think this default behaviour. Maybe I downloaded the native dictionary but it was free. This is how it works now: when i open an italian book, and I long click a word, I get "lo Zingarelli" which is the real italian dictionary for italian users. This is useful only if you're a bit along in your studies, as obviously it's a bit like us reading the real collins/oxford/whatever dictionary. My advice would be to find an out-of-copyright book (anything 150 years old for example) from an open source and find a free legal ebook and email it to your kindle. See what happens when you look up a word. Let me know if you don't understand what I mean and I;ll find something for you.


I googled "good beginners French books" and thought, Les Memoires d'un ane, to be good choice. Thankfully it was a free book in the Kindle store. I ended up buying Collins French-English dictionary and surprisingly it automatically is used to look up words when reading Les Memoires d'un ane. However at least in French it seems the "definitions" like to be displayed through sentence examples and sometimes the "preview" window isn't big enough to show the meanings. And when your having to look up every other word it gets frustrating to have to go back and forth to the dictionary page. And its frustrating because unlike a definition given in its own language which can be long, a French-English dictionary could translate and give the meaning through a single word and the "preview" window would be plenty of space. So I'll work my way through it, but it seems as though I will have to do a bit of studying before the kindle will be an effective teaching tool.

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