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Can't strengthen Business 1 on iOS

I have not been able to strengthen "Business 1" on my iPad or iPhone for the past few days. Other lessons work fine. I did it on my computer in the end and it worked.

On iOS, it still shows an error when I try to strengthen this one lesson: "Could not connect to Duolingo. Try starting the session again."

March 3, 2015



They seem to have done something to the restrengthening algorithm. On iOS now, I can't do any overall skill strengthening, and about half of my non-gold skills won't strengthen either. When I can strengthen a skill, I get a new type of question where I'm asked to choose what a word means from a list of three words, and I usually get the same question three or four times in a row. Not particularly helpful. I hope they address this soon.


I've been having this with most of the modules.


I've met the same problem


I've also been having this problem for one week or more. It's frustrating not to be able to use app on my iPhone. Hope they will fix the problem soon.

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