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How to alert for wrong multiple choice questions?

I got this multiple choice question which I believe has a mistake, but couldn't find the button to report it as in the normal questions:

Mark all correct translations (more than one can be correct)

Nein, nicht dieser! 1 No, it is not fair! 2 Why this one? 3 No, not this one?

Oops, that’s wrong Correct translation: No, not this one?

December 7, 2012

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On the left hand side of most (all?) duolingo pages is a "Feedback" link (white rectangle along the left edge with the word "Feedback" in it). Click the link, and you can describe the problem. I've done this a number of times, and I think (most) of my reported issues have actually been addressed. I don't think the specific question is tied to the feedback when you do it like this, so be sure to fully describe the question and explain what you think is wrong with it, so they will be able to locate it in the database and fix it.

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