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Is sean pronounced very differently from Seán?

From what I've gathered on Irish pronunciation rules, 'a' would be a short 'ah' sound and 'á' would be a longer 'aw', but I haven't yet heard the pronunciation of 'sean' so I'm wondering if Ireland is full of blokes almost named 'old'.

March 4, 2015



I figured it had to be different but I was wondering how subtle (or not) the difference was. I'm glad it's as stark as I thought.


its the same only one has a fadda and the other does not like my name which is sean and not seán. the fadda could be on the e instead of the a as well

  • 1389

English does use accents, so English speaker usually don't bother to use the accent when spelling the name "Seán", but in Irish, Seán, séan and sean are three different words with three different pronunciations and three different meanings. Fadas are not just for decoration.

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